Modempunk: Part 4

More Modempunk. Figured a day's break was enough to get something bashed out.

Unrelated, but I'm not liking how laggy Google Docs behaves when confronted by novel sized chunks of writing.

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> Post Author: Max Justice
> Subject: The School Year Approaches
> While I don't claim to know what Copper has planned I can say that, with the
> exception of Steve being banned (which none of us liked since he at least was a
> fairly cool guy till he went nuts) everything he's planned has ended up being
> stuff we've all been able to get behind.
> Personal theory is he's trying to talk Cross Town High into setting up a multi-
> line BBS. How is that awesome you ask? Well they'd want him on as an admin,
> though maybe one level removed from staff sections maybe. It would sure put him
> in a good position to give us any sort of heads up on the doings that they'd try
> surprising us with. That and c'mon, if they'll budget in a BBS they can't be all
> brain-dead fogies ya?
> - M -

> Post Author: Blackbird
> Subject: Slightly Misleading Thread Title
> Sure it'd be kinda neat if Copper was given an intern job helping keep a School
> BBS running, but that'd mean he wouldn't have time for this place, and they'd try
> keeping him either away from us so they could milk him, or try turning him against
> us so he wouldn't want to share whatever new neat and fun stuff he finds out.
> - Do not cross me. I can find where you live. -

> Post Author: Terry
> Subject: Tinfoil Hat Time!
> Whoa there girl Even if Copper got a job with Cross High it's not like he'd sell us
> out at the drop of a hat. Plus we don't even know if that's the big project he's
> working on. Nobody knows. Though I think Sharea from IceWind is clued in on a few
> details I'm almost sure she'd keep us in the dark just to make us squirm.
> Point is, don't go flipping out over something we're clueless on. Just sit tight
> and let things happen on their own. Plus, even if he did have to give up running
> the board Copper wouldn't just tell us all to find a new place. Venom's got same
> access level he does and they live a couple doors from eachother so it's not like
> there's nobody else.
> - Aliases used to Protect the Innocent. -

> Post Author: Max Justice
> Subject: Hints are being Dropped
> Blackbird here. Max's letting me use his account since he's said he doesn't want me
> using my login on his machine. I dunno why but whatever. Got off the phone with
> Copper before I left for Max's. Seems that yes there's going to be a school run BBS,
> but Copper's not involved. Slade from IceWind talked them into it and is going to
> help keep the thing running along with a couple of the more tech savvy guys from
> the facility. Supposedly he's getting exempted from a couple classes worth of
> homework to do this, but that sounds just plain silly. Even for the Ever-Boastful
> Boy Blunder.
> - M -

> Post Author: Venom
> Subject: If not a BBS then what?
> Title says it all. What else could it be?
> - It's only Poison if I don't like you. -

> Post Author: Copper
> As some of you have heard I've been working on a fairly large project with Cross
> Town High. It isn't a BBS, like some have suggested, and it isn't tied to any
> official school activities.
> Well OK that only works if you don't considered school backed and endorsed clubs,
> Which I'm helping put together along with Slade, Rose, and a few other Sysops in
> the school district. If the school is to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a
> sixteen line system they'll want to make sure the student body will bother using it.
> The school board will have no warez discussions. None. Asking about warez or how to
> crack will get you banned, and possibly get some kind of in-school punishment too.
> Same goes for phreaking. In fact if you arn't sure if it's legal. Don't talk about
> It kay? I don't want to have to ban any of you, but if it's my day to act as Op I
> will without hesitation.
[note=clipclip] Boring Board Regulation Stuff got clipped here. Seriously. Does anyone want to know how a board that's been gone since '94 is structured or it's three strikes policy?
No I didn't think so. Moving on. [/note]
> With that out of the way what about you guys? Well several clubs are being talked
> about. Some want a single monolithic club for electronics, gaming, and general
> computer stuffs. Others want each put in it's own group. Dunno if there'd be enough
> for each to have the member requirements, and if you lump two or three together then
> there's the folk in the amalgam whining at the independent groups running around. So
> I think an amalgamation is the likely way things will play out.
> To kind of help bring as much bang to the table as possible we're all bringing our A
> List material to the meeting. Slade's bringing the Apple I his dad bought. I know
> Aku's working with the gamers, especially the ones that don't also have modem access,
> for stuff that will be relevant to their interests. There's a little something I'd
> gotten my mitts on a bit of something that will likely interest most everyone.
> Just a couple more weeks. Are you ready for it?
> - Can't Stop the Coppertop! -


Blackbird finally let me have a look at Copper's big announcement. She looked pleased. Couldn't really fault her for it since it was a good idea. Get the students that already did this thing to help the staff that might or might not know the ins and outs of the system. Plus having a school recognized club was something that was a bonus all the way 'round.

We got to schedule events. Could use school resources, and possibly would have their discount when buying new stuff.

What? There's an accelerator card I want. Plus we could get books, resources. Blackbird's drooling over the idea of getting her mitts on some of the technical material. She's already good. I've seen her at work with a soldering iron and she's got a far neater hand than I've got.

Got a neater hand than Grandad too, and he's been in the ham radio thing I think since it started? No that's not quite right. It started in the teens and he wasn't around till the twenties. Still. Been a licensed radio guy since at least World War Two, back when the only way to get really good equipment was to build it yourself.

Grandad's met Blackbird. Likes her. Says she's doing real good for herself. I dunno. Those two started talking tubes and ohms, amps and I just kinda wandered off. He was raised in the deep south. Kinda freaked out he's being so nice with her, especially since he saw her coming out of my bedroom.

If he knew we were dating I'm pretty sure he'd kill me or drop over dead... or drop over dead then kill me. No. Now's not a good time. Don't know when would be, but I think Dad won't tell him. Not sure how he feels about it either, but dad knows we're sweet on eachother and seems fine about it. Kinda wish I could talk to grandad about it. They like eachother, smart, and he's been after me to find a girl. Ah well.

Speaking of Dad. Work's been pulling him away more often. Something about new seismology gear or- If it helps figure out if we can tell when the next quake hits before it does. Even if it's just a few minutes, that'd be worth the long nights, him looking like he's been put through the wringer.

Yea, I worry about him.
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