Modempunk: Part 5

Yea I had a good day writing yesterday. Trouble is it's stuff that's out of chronological order with what I'm posting. Wouldn't matter I suppose, but I don't want a sudden out of left field 'Wat was that?'

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Since the final doc will have changes here and about I'm including a Google Doc link too. Yes I'm going to go through the links and add a table of contents to each in case people want to go through.

Little Fish Big Pond

Haven't written here till now since the only really interesting thing other than Blackbird showing off a new swimsuit she got, was the general gearing-up went smoother than it di last year. I'd say it's because I'd already hit my growth spurt and didn't have to buy a whole closet full of clothes, but it's not just that. No last minute need-to-haves. None of the expected logjams at checkout.

OK fine. Grandad got me a leather duster that I find pretty sweet, but I'm not sure if I"m gonna wear it at school or not. People might think I'm gonna start some kind of power metal band or something.

Then again I have to admit between the spiked hair, my general build, and with the right lighting, I could probably double as Roy Batty in the thing; which is ridiculously epic in my opinion.

Sadly Blackbird doesn't really share any classes with me, but we do have the same lunch period and there's after school stuff. So it's not like I won't see her at all. Point of fact I'll probably see most of the crowd from Copper's board. Unfortunately that includes Steve, but I hope new school, lots of new people, and all that will help take the edge off of whatever's wrong with him.


Just got done helping with a stress test of the school's shiny new BBS. Have to say I'm kinda happy that they included sub-sections for ascii and ansi art. Never did get into it like other Venom or Neko, but cultivate creativity where you can. if only they'd include a set of demoscene sub-boards.

Happy to report the board itself is fairly easy to navigate and the layout's pretty logical. Student Organization sections are sealed till after signups. Makes sense. We can't do any of it till a couple weeks into the semester. I'd say there's staff/SysOp discussion going on though. Has to be.

[note: Music Removal] Removed about three albums worth of bad poetry and song lyrics both because I doubt anyone would be interest in my attempts at purple prose, and because I could've sworn I heard three or eight of them on the radio. Since there's no proof I did it first, I'd rather not have the pants sued off of me. [/note]


First Day of School.

General meet and greet aside. I've already got homework from most of my new teachers. Seriously. Oh well. It's all easy stuff really and I'm done except for some of the critical thinking material, but I don't think my science teacher wants a five page write-up/rant on ethics in experimentation. Think it'll probably impress her enough that my work's printed (I sign my own stuff though, not that anyone asked or that it's a particularly good way to tell if I cheated or not.)

Hate the gym uniforms. It's like they went out of their way to make something nobody looks good or feels comfortable in. Might be more the fact I'm bored with the class. Keep having to hold back.

Example: They have a set of weight machines. Most of the class tried it out while she gave a lecture on good habits, knowing your limits, and some other stuff. I was one of maybe three guys that didn't jump right in but I let myself get goaded into giving it a whirl anyway. Had everything set at half of what I'd max out at.

Still impressive considering I'm a beanpole, but It isn't the best out of the class by a long shot. Had to fake being wore out after. Not sure if anyone bought it really but I don't want to make the same mistakes I did last year.

Sure I got called out on it by the teacher but after class I explained things to her. I'll step up if I really have to, but not if it's going to cause school-wide problems. Don't think she bought it since it involves peer pressure and she seems to think you shouldn't bow down if it means hamstringing yourself.

I dunno. Put the question to the boards. Fairly universal 'Go For It man' response, but I don't know how they'll react if I do that.

Enough whining! Work on the supplement to Aku's space setting now.


Steve's joined the school wrestling team. He seems happy and it looks like he's making friends. Happy for him. Trouble is he's getting more and more anti-Everything. Anything having to do with gaming, computers, He now considers it all a waste of time.

I wonder what's gone on since I know at one time he had, on the board, a very lengthy text file detailing why computers and computing would be The Future.


Making notes while club's meeting. Will transpose later.

So. Meeting starts, introductions made. Feels as strange as when everyone from Copper's board first met over the summer. I mean lots of people from boards we've been at 'war' with, if you think name calling and empty threats count.

Introductions made, time to start showing off some of the stuff. The Apple 1 was up first. Interesting to me since it's a very do it yourself system and there's not all that many of them left since there was a big return for credit to an apple II way back. Other than that I have to say it's kindof disappointing. Just text, coding. Boring presentation but even so it's part of history so I feel a bit bad for being bored [not included; lots of drawings I'd made at the time.]

Next up was a request for any games, relevant books, and the like. Anything so people that were either just interested and didn't have, or, in the case of people who had the same hardware, they could borrow and see if they wanted copies for themselves.

Anything donated would become club, and by extension, school property. Books and Software could be loaned out for a week then it would be a dollar a day fine (barring weekends.) Hardware either stayed in the designated areas or, if a majority consented, could be gifted out.

We're gonna have votes on officers and the like next meet. For now though it's a cooperative head between Copper and a few of the other board sysops along with Alyssa and a couple of the other gamerheads to balance out the non-computer voice.

Argument ended up breaking out over system representation, which turned into shouting over which one was the best system. Won't claim I took the high ground. After all I love my apple and not a chance in the bloody pit of Hades that I'm gonna let some nut with a freaking Nintendo claim high ground.

Not proud of it, but I put up with Blackbird's teasing because between us that's all it is. Plus she lost it just as bad as me when the same nintendo nut started slamming Commodore.

Gotta hand it to Copper for finding a way to make everyone shut up. While the arguing went on he brought out a... something. Looked like a nintendo, but at the same time Not. Was a keyboard, controllers. Wand... gun... thing.

Then he plugged it up and passed the controllers around. I didn't get a turn, but all he had to show was Mario. Not sure what the system specs are, or what it would take to get a disk drive on it, but it looks more like what's sold here than in japan. So maybe we could cobble a few things up as add-ons if we study this thing enough? I dunno but it sounds interesting.

Meeting ended with re-stating a point Copper made when it started. There will be no console vs computer vs brand wars on the school BBS. It makes us look bad and our write privileges might get revoked. Don't think anyone wants that. I sure don't.
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