Modempunk: Part 6

Most of my writings have, sadly, been the sort of thing I don't feel like sharing with the general public. You people deserve better than mindless politically induced ranting.

Anyway. Banner's staying covered till I get definite word SOPA's dead.

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It's been about a week since the club meetings started. Aku's dad sold the Apple I, so I guess we should feel lucky to have seen it. I just feel... I dunno what I feel really. Upset yea but why? It felt like a stripped down barely working thing compared to what i have at home. Maybe it's just the fact it's gone to somebody's collection where it'll sit collecting dust instead of get shared with the public.

I dunno.

Messed up thing is Steve's been allowed to join even though he's started taking on a fairly anti-technology sentement. Miss Stone thought maybe it was just part of whatever caused him to snap over the summer and his rants will subside with time. We're supposed to humor him as 'the voice of the opposition'. Personally I"m with Alyssa and Will. His board's a couple chips short.

Sadly he occasionally, even if it is less by design and more by accident, does raise a good point. It shouldn't surprise me much since he's always been good at debate.


Sero wants to start a band. Sure i could possibly do vocals, but I'd rather sit this one out. Blackbird's interested even though she hasn't really played anything. Hey couples aren't supposed to constantly be in eachother's business right?


"Max?" Miss Stone's voice pulled me away from the maze I was trying to map my way out of. She sounded. I dunno. Not pleased but not mad. "A word with you after class."

Several people snickered. Usually when she wanted you to know to hang back after the bell it wasn't good. I couldn't tell what it was up since i knew my grades were good. So I waited till after everyone filed out.

"Ma'am?" I waited while till she finished grading papers.

Her answer was to slide a stapled together stack of papers at me. "Did you write this?" Again with the not pleased tone. The cover had Gad on the cover in front of a set of tesla coils. 'Across the Stars; A Bonehead's Guide' blazed across the top in block font.

Oh kipple that wasn't good. All sorts of typos, rude language, and definitely situations proposed in what's otherwise a blandish tabletop rulebook that I'm fairly sure my dad wished I didn't know about. Nothing overly lewd but sometimes in a scenario it helps to know where the red-light district was on a given star port.

Me being terrible at lying I nodded. "Yes Ma'am." Waited. Figured the less I said the better.

"I am bound by school regulations to confiscate this..." She held the papers by the corner they were stapled together at. "As your teacher I am disappointed with some of the subject matter, your sentence structure needs work, and there's misplaced punctuation everywhere."

Her tone still had that not mad/not amused tone. I kept waiting.

"However since as of right now you are /not/ in my class I am encouraged by the depth you've gone into and your attempt at reconciling social problems your audience would wish to work into a story with a post-scarcity setting." Small twitch of a blink and you'd miss it smile then. "You'll get this back during your next gaming session."

Flat statement there. No negotiation.

When I was excused i grabbed my things and left.


"Wait can't you just print out another one?" Calling Aku annoyed would have been to call water wet. It was after school and he was my ride home.

I tried to disappear into my coat. Not easy to do since I'm a touch over six foot tall. "I don't have enough paper left."

"So? It can't be all that expensive."

My hand shook. it wouldn't be till later that I realized it was because I wanted to strangle him. "I also had to get dad to buy another ink cartridge for my printer. Those things are *not* cheap* and unless you're gonna pony up for another one just so I can run off copies we can deal with her sitting in."


It's a minor miracle when I smacked him he didn't swerve ant hit anything. "Dude just chill. It's just for one session and it's not like she can threaten to screw with our grades if we don't make her the star of the show."


Right. So in review I backhand a friend. I've got my english teacher showing up for Aku's gaming session, and Blackbird's told me off (rightly so) for getting pissy with Aku. Think that sums all that up nicely.

Oh and Blackbird's Commodore is broken so we've gotta try figuring out if it can be fixed, or if not how to get her a new system. Life's just Prime sometimes I suppose.


Das Game

Miss Stone showed up early. Since I was the reason she was there I was responsible for stepping her through chargen (though she didn't really need any.) Her and my dad made small talk and he settled into his chair for the night. Guess he found it off that my teacher showed up for game night.

Table talk ended up diverting from the game to Steve. I dunno what happened. I honestly don't. Sure I haven't made much of a secret about Blackbird and I but it's the eighties let it go people. He must've seen us having a quick frisk between classes. Sure kinda stupid I guess since if somebody wanted to get brownie points they could've had us wrote up for 'inappropriate conduct on school grounds' but it was nothing really just a quick hug and...

Next thing I know he's yanking us apart screaming bloody murder at Blackbird. She tries shoving him away. I've got eight or nine guys piled on me. Surprised they were able to hold me to be honest. She was holding her own fine but-



I just realized. He wasn't pissed that I'm white and going out with her. He was pissed i was going out with her.

She gets shoved away and he's got his hand on something in her bag when I manage to twist floose. We start yelling and by the time I can see straight I'm on the ground with Blackbird's commodore on the ground and most of the teachers on the floor trying to sort out just what happened.

I'ts been a couple days. Maybe that's why Miss Stone came by and showing up for the game was just an excuse. Blackbird was at home. Not sure if Steve's gonna get expelled or what. I told Miss Stone I think there's something wrong in the head with him. I don't want him thrown out since it'd just leave him with nothing. He needs help.

She kept asking how my head was, if I'd gone to the emergency room. I hadn't and it's just a bit of a headach and a shiner. Had worse when I was little so why bother? Everyone's always said I have a thick skull. Guess I just got lucky that the Commodore missed my face. Guess I should feel lucky anyway since there's a lot of delicate little bones that could've broke. Sure I don't feel great but I don't drive anyway. Big deal.

Down some pills. Get some sleep. I'll worry about tomorrow when it gets here.
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