My Thoughts on the New Google Reader

The NEW Google Reader.
Yesterday Google Reader got a new look. Opinions differ between me and a couple of the people I've been sharing my blog with on if it's a good look or not (I like it, co-blogger doesn't.) That isn't to say it couldn't stand to be tweaked a little. Too much real-estate given over to the right-hand side and not enough to the different feed items (which makes them hard to read by default.)

Now before I go off on a rant I want everyone to understand that I may have overlooked some feature or some thing you click that's painfully obvious to somebody else. With that said. Here's the biggest complaint I have and that I've seen.

Sharing is now a three click/step process. Yes there's a clear 'share' thing on google's Black Bar, but used to be you could click on a share link in the article itself and you know... SHARE it. Now it's almost as if the new team either didn't use reader before, or scrapped what was there in favor of forcing people to use Google+.

I'm all for product integration. However I also don't like it when I'm being railroaded, and as is I don't see a good way to transplant feed item links to say... facebook, or twitter, or just to pass out over IM. Someone please correct me if this isn't the case because I've always liked Google for not outright forcing you to use their products (you've always been able to remove your data/photos/everything from a service for transplanting.) I see no way to easily do this for the new reader.

Sadly I also have no good alternatives to offer, web-based or otherwise.

Then again can't you get Thunderbird to accept feeds?
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