I am going to re-share the post that alerted me to the existence of a well thought out response as to why PROTECT-IP, SOPA, and any act that behaves in a similar manner is not only monumentally stupid, but inherently dangerous to the well-being of America's ability to interact within a larger networked global community.

Five years ago this would have been tinfoil hat fodder, or a badly written novel trying to be relevant.

Chris Heald's profile photoChris Heald originally shared this post:
This is awesome, and each and every one of you should read it.

The professors who signed it are some of the foremost minds in the country in the areas of intellectual property and internet law, and they've absolutely got the right read on this bill. Read this letter, and then petition your congressman. This is too important to just click the back button and forget about it.

I've seen smoke ever since the Egyptian Uprising, though I'm sure there are plenty that saw warning signs long before then. However I am, in spite of being a writer in my spare time, very inarticulate on why these bills are Evil things. This letter explains it quite nicely and is backed by a number of people far smarter than I am.

I ask you. Share this letter. I don't care if my blog see's traffic off this. Just share the link. Give it to your friends. Your family. Especially your Representatives. Be polite in stating your case as we want to be seen as serious people who deserve to be listened to.

I have, essentially, Lived on the Internet for the past twelve years. I consider the online communities I tred to be as much my home as where I park all my stuff and sleep at. Sad I suppose, but it should give some perspective on why I have such a vested interest in these doings.

It isn't a passing thing in the news that will go away in a few days with only a few fading soundbytes.

It is relevant even if all you do is Facebook or go through apps for your phone. It affects everyone at all levels. User. Tech-head. Gamer. All of us have to fight this monstrosity.

Melodramatic I suppose, but for once the language fits. I wish I were overstating how dire things are.

The worst part of all this is what alternatives do we have if this abomination, or another like it introduced once the Corporate Overlords believe the current outrage has subsided, do we have if the Internet gets locked down? All sorts of startup businesses will die or just never form because of the chilling effect having your site and finances effectively frozen and blacklisted if the Overminders don't like you.


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