Well this is annoying

Oh hey I kind of haven't been updating this thing. Why? Blame Google+. Most of my quickie observations have been popping up there rather than here, and while I have been working on story segments, it's all fragmentory and none of it lines up with the next part I want to show Here.

Oh and I've been looking into places that might could possibly serve as freelance-ish work, but for that to happen things submitted can't have shown up elsewhere first (but that's OK because I would still retain rights and all that's being asked is nonexclusive distribution.)

That and I'm possibly going a bit batty again, but I'll leave that for. Well. Not Here.

Hang on. Google redid their black bar of Google Service Integration. NOw it's more of a sidebar thing really you click on. No youtube still does not have this, but they've always been kept somewhat seperate. As has Blogger. Nevermind both are owned by Google but eh. Whatever.

I have hopes for something later today.

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