PSO2 Alpha - Environment & Etc First Look

  •  “This review is from “Phantasy Star Online 2 Alpha Test 2″, since this game is currently under development, the contents may not reflect the final version. Additionally, such contents may be improved upon in the future. Phantasy Star Online 2 Official Site” 
Another longer post, this one with "Environments & etc" 3rd in the series.

Who knows how it'll be in the final. You can't talk levling in an alpha. But you get it by being CLOSE to monsters who die. You don't need to "Tag Up" like pso/psu. This frees up forces to be healers without having to tag everything with a big spell every 5 seconds to get EXP. It doesn't punish rangers for 'standing back' to shoot, like they want to play. This seems good so far & adds to the fun.

My Room:
Loads of people loved PSU's my room, it's back, and its better, but all your guys share the room. You can buy decos and maybe find them in the level as drop items. Other people can hang out in your room. There's a tub you can sit in, couches, redeco tickets etc. Basically everything PSU myrooms had you're going to get in here, so don't worry.

Fantastic. Maps randomly reconfigure themselves to not get boring. Jumping means cliffs, hills, towers, plateaus, just on and on. There IS weather outside, including reduced visibility fog, rain that makes the river push you around, lightening storms that can hit you, sun, clouds, etc. Really good stuff here. Item drops appear as tiny dots on the map! What a nice feature! Lava burns you, stalactites can fall on you, you can chop down trees/grass/rock walls & etc. Feels real-er and interact-able more than PSO or U ever did.

Getting to missions:
All is done via space ship like PSO. No stupid lobby garbage like psu. Blocks set up like pso, so you can meet up and then team up. WAY BETTER. Team name/pass/restrictions & etc all present to customize just like every other game before it, no one will be unhappy.

They're not in yet but they're not PM trash from PSU, all signs point to 'good pso like mags'

Scape Dolls:
Not in yet. Should work the same way as all previous

They are IN! It was a big beef in psu that they weren't there. This has them, seems to work like PSO.

Drops are unique to the player, meaning people cant "ninja ur rarz" like PSO. DropING stuff should be possible, we never figured out how to do it. There will be player shops, so that's good too. Dropping when dead? No. 
My opinion on dropping is a very big deal (to me) things NEED to be drop-able, trade-able for it to be fun to hunt weps. PSP PSUs limited this on 'very rare' things. You couldn't trade some things which made the game feel stale and stupid, like you were playing "In a bubble" all by yourself. Part of my joy was hunting with friends so if 1 person got it, they dropped it for the other. It better not be ruined here by playing in some isolationist crybaby bubble.

They're in. Regulars look just like PSO's Rags, so that's good. They were a well liked rappy design. They have the same behavior. Sometimes they sleep among a shower of bubbles. No idea why.

Rappy Bighead:
Some kind of brain-meltingly cute rappy.
Seriously. This will RUIN your toughguy card in about 1 second flat. I have no idea what this thing's purpose is but it is so damm adorable I have no idea what to do. Not only does it look cute by being wooly & charming, but it SINGS TO YOU at random complete with colored music notes. And it won't attack you but follows you around like some kind of puppy. It's targetable, but anyone who hits it is likely a horrid monster. I wound up protecting this thing from enemies rather than attack it. Purpose unknown. Consider me intrigued. Especially because it shows up inexplicably in the volcano as well as the forest. How did it get there?

Yes, they're there, no they're not finalized so you can't judge them. Not all shops are in. Hopefully char details can be changed for pay later on like PSU had.

Wep detailing:
Yes there's grinding, but I can't judge because  I couldn't read enough to do it. You can also combo weps to get better weps? Without trying it, it sounds really really good. Klutter like "the 50th Varista" that PSO people will be familiar with will become useful. Will def. add depth, is all a good thing.

There is no plot yet revealed. 

All in here looks positive, or unconfirmed/mysterious so far. Only post to go seems to be very brief 'social' and 'over-all impression'.
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