Bringing a Friend to Bordertown

The following weirdness was instigated by the fine folk of boingboing with a dabbling of instigation from Bordertown. Nevermind it's a setting I'm not that familiar with. I'm always up for urban fantasy.


Funny. I'd thought I'd be able to just jot down an email and hit send. Should've figured not only is wifi spotty but my computer did something outright bizarre. I knew this, but try for the familiar, plus 'you got mail' from somewhere that really shouldn't have existed in the first place was too fun of an idea to try. So have fun with the letter. Frame it, throw it on a fire after you're done, doesn't much matter.

If you're reading this the way is open. I won't say it's easy; far from it actually. It is, however, what we both said we wanted, a fresh start. I'm sure you have a better idea on how long things will stay open on your side than I do, but I want you here. It doesn't matter if you've gone grey with time or if by some perverse trick of magic has made you a child while my back was turned, you've always been better at getting people on your side than I've ever been. We're a team. You attack things head on and to-warp-with-what-folk-think; and I'm the guy that does all the niggly little maintenance things that keeps the works running. I like my job as is; but I see all the things here, I see things that people in the World wouldn't believe even after... Everything, and keep thinking 'Ace'd love this place. It's twisted and runs off duct tape, pixie dust, and the belief that it deserves to exist.'

Enclosed should be enough to get you here and I'd given what amounts to your work history and BINGO wants you. Guy I talked to said you could be trained up and they're always looking for people passionate about what they do that doesn't want to see what we've got in here turned into the crazyquilt Out There run by people who neither understand nor care.

There's just one thing if you decide to come here though. THEY HAVE COFFEE! As much as you want. Just the way you want. It's a small thing, but an important thing. 

Hope to see you soon,

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