A Pair of Extensions to Help with the new Google Plus

Just to put this out where the rest of the web can find it. File both of these under #wowthatwasfast.

Problem 1: I have an insanely high resolution monitor and there's a crazy amount of blank space.
Solution: GExtend
What it does: The new layout is, more or less, geared around the screen size of a Chromebook. At 1280 width you get a second pane to the right of your google+ stream. This pane does not resize well when you get into 1900+ resolution displays. This extension helps with that.

Problem 2: Grey text on a slightly lighter Grey background in the comments section of posts is really hard to read.
Solution: Readability for Google+
What it does: While I can make out the messages having Grey text on a slightly ligher shade of Grey background is a Very Poor UI Choice. Doubly so when you are like me and have poor eyesight. This turns the background white and gives black text. I can kinda get where they were going with wanting to add distinction between comment thread and the post below, but they dropped the ball here.

Edit: Fixed the fact I forgot to put in the link for Readability extension.

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