ChromeOS has hit version 21 on Dev Branch

Edit: Apparently this update got pulled due to a reboot bug.

My Cr48 updated today to Version 21.0.1166.0 dev. What changes have we got here now?

We can finally use our own wallpapers. Though to be honest I'd expected more Picasa integration here. Granted we can grab from the G-Drive, but GDrive doesn't link to Picasa, which is... Kinda odd all things considered.

Odd Mouse Behavior. OK actually it's Odd Trackpad behavior but it seems with this version Google decided to play with the settings. Now to select text you have to push down the pad whether you have tap to click enabled or not if you want to drag text or spellcheck. Ditto for doing anything with the browser window (minimize, fling it left/right, etc.)

Improved App bubble Behavior. Before when you clicked on the app grid button on the taskbar you were taken to a new screen to select apps and there was a limit to apps you could have up at a time. Now it's a popup bubble much like windows start bar and you can have more than one bubble's worth of apps. Personally would still like to see the app grid at the furthest left corner of the screen but Eh.

New toys on the about:flags list. Haven't bothered playing with 'em all but there's a few new additions.

Yea but is it all faster? I dunno how to answer that since i"m very susceptible to New and Shiny is Better. Plus for all I know part of the update process clears browser cache or something for a temporary speed improvement that winds down over time.

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