Exploding Rabbit's new project: Super Retro Squad

You know. I love Super Mario Crossover. Hits every right note. Simple pick up and play game mechanics. Don't have to think too hard about the story beyond 'here you are. exit's that way. Get stepping.... and try not to die.' There's just the small problem that it's stuck as a flash game so it'll less likely earn the wrath and ensuing lawsuits from Capcom, Nintendo, Konami, Namco, and all the other companies the sprites, music, and all that were taken from.

If only they would come out with a game like Super Mario Crossover without actually being a lawsuit magnet. Yea that'd be great wouldn't it? There's just the small problem that even with a team to program, create sprites and sound, and help playtest you still need to be able to eat and pay bills during what's going to be a full time job of getting this made, tested, and put out for the masses to consume.

Wait... I know a couple games that managed to get funding without getting swallowed up by a studio that would neuter them to the point of being un-fun. Maybe the same approach would work here.

I give to you. SUPER RETRO SQUAD

Yes it's obvious who each is supposed to be an expy of. The plot is going to probably make no sense, but that's just fine since either it'll be in the documentation or maybe you'll get a one screen text wall you can skip through. It's not about the story. It's about the characters and how they'll get from A to B and murder everything between.

Mac and PC Windows are a given, but maybe if we donate enough it'll have iOS and Android ports too. Maybe if we throw enough money at the guy he'll make a dedicated Linux version. I'd settle for it working in WINE so long as a level editor is somehow going to be in the works, but I am so looking forward to this.
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