First Thoughts: The Silver Cord

At this point I'm treating Google+ is a ghost town as something of a reoccurring joke. I've been there since it started and it's just so full of stuff. Take the 'What's Hot' posts that pop up in-stream showing off something that's somehow gotten popular. I don't know how these things are picked and usually I just kinda gloss 'em over because they don't really interest me, but this one caught my eye. When you hear the term Graphic Novel This is what should come to mind. 200 Pages. Full Color.

Kiddie Comic this ain't fellas. I'm only partway through the first issue, but so far no hints of usual 'mature' content. No buckets of blood. No swearing every fifth word; just jawdropping artwork and a story that, in spite of a few goofs with grammar and spelling I know I would've made, is reeling me in.

What's so special about this?

Let us pause and consider something for just a moment. The comic's author has made the first issue entirely free in both pdf and cbz formats. Yea that's right. This guy made a 200 page full color highly detailed comic free to download and share.

Because he's got a kickstarter going for Issue #2 that he's trying to advertise for. OK. Looking at the Comic's Website these are not some random would-be hopefuls trying to get the public's attention; Kevin Kelly (co-founder of Wired,) Kiel Murrey (development executive from Pixar,) Tim Naylor (ILM.)

I'm looking at these names and thinking to myself 'Why do these people need Kickstarter? Yes there are a few unknowns in there but these people shouldn't have that much trouble funding this on their own.

Then there's the question of why put the first issue out for free and, if I'm reading this right, going to make the second comic/novel free to download too. First thought is 'These guys may be Names in their industries, but even they have hobbies and maybe they didn't want a big publisher to dictate terms on their work.' Could be that. Could be they're trying to show these methods normally considered good enough only for amateurs that can't get their work out any other way.

I haven't finished with the first issue, but I want more from this strange collaboration of people. I also want to thank them for making the first issue free to grab and also putting it up not only on the comic's site, but also giving us download options.

Oh and if you want to buy a physical copy for your shelf/coffee table/whatever Go Here.

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