The Internet Vs. Hollywood

Wait what? Didn't we already have this one? Out of touch or willfully ignorant lobbiests trying to get the internet wrangled under some sort of imaginary control? OK Fine that might still be the case but that's not what I'm going on about. Yet another petition to sign.

Here's the thing. You know Kim Shmitz, better known as Kim Dotcom and owner of Megaupload basically got bum rushed and Megaupload shut down. I am of the believe thaat Kimmy boy here is guilty as sin of infringement and more importantly encouraging infringement as way of directing people to his service. I also believe Kim's 'catch me if you can' attitude more or less painted a target on his forehead and he loved the fact he's a public figure that had been able to piss off lots of very rich and powerful people and get away with it till New Zealand caved in and stood by while he was hauled out of his house.

Let's set Kim's personal sins, motives, and the like to one side for a moment. Lots of users used Megaupload as a file locker for more mundane things. Pictures, Project files. Indie Games they wanted to share but couldn't afford a web host of their own? Keep in mind Megaupload existed before Dropbox or any other easy to use file locker. They're also not nearly as easy to use as latter generation systems. Yet people continued putting the service to use because that's what they liked using for whatever reason.

The entirety of Megaupload's hosted files have been unavailable since the servers were seized. Perfectly fine to have people not able to grab their uploaded copy of The Animatrix, or Call of Warfare 44 since that shouldn't be there in the first place, especially with the whole court thing still being ironed out. However I do believe that those files not related to the case at hand should be returned to the people that uploaded them and here is why.

We are constantly being hammered with the fact that the MPAA/RIAA treats One download as One physical copy of something magically having been stolen. I'm well aware I could be wrong but Here's an analogy for the non-technically minded. Megaupload can be seen as an apartment complex run by a scumbag that's using the place to cook up meth, or prostitution, or whatever and is advertising the fact he'll help facilitate these illegal activities while using a big screen of people just wanting a place to stay as a way of showing a vainer of respectability to the world so his door won't get kicked in and the whole thing shut down.

The Apartments, in this example, represent files. Some are illegal and are being used in a court case. Yet the ones that were just there are still being held onto. Let's not go all preachy and high horse with well those people should have known. Please Just no. For whatever reason there are files not related to the case at hand that are not being given back to their owners i would like this situation to be fixed. You know since the RIAA/MPAA are perfectly willing to treat files as physical objects until it's in their advantage to go 'well it's just data'.

Sure I might think your logic is stupid but could you please show a little internal consistency?
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