Mass Effect Gets New Endings: Too Little Too Late

So we got the new endings for mass effect. Thanks to G4tv (I never thought I'd say that) I've been able to see the new content. I'm speaking to you as someone who's seen all this on Youtube. I haven't paid for three games nor played the hundreds of hours to get to this point. I have, however, watched the Retake movement from the sidelines, curious at first and then interested as I saw the fans actually articulate quite clearly their objections, raise money for charity, and actually manage to convince Bioware to change the endings.

Let's set the results to one side for a moment and consider the following. Whatever you think of the new material the fact that the fanbase managed to get a company to go back and do things over again. I am impressed and more than a little proud. Stand tall guys. You did something no other community managed to do.

What I have to say after this point is spoiler material if you don't want to hear anything about the ending(s).

Unfortunately this is an 'Extended Cut' instead of something made of whole new material so we still have the GlowKid and the trot down the paths A B and C. If you didn't like it the first time you probably won't like it this time. Before you go flame and pitchfork though I say just give it all a watch. They actually do address concerns here that leaves me feeling had all of this been the original ending it would've been disappointing. Yet ultimately it would have been Enough.

Sadly you have to download a gig of material (to account for all the subtle changes I assume) that take place in these main ending branches. Then you have to play through the last hour of the game just to get to the ending (and even then you're supposed to have gone back further so that you can see all the content added in during thegame that helps do setup so things can make a touch more sense.)


The Good: Let's see here. General thoughts on seeing the new material. First off let's go with the good here. We get an actual explanation that makes at least some kind of sense on why the Reapers harvesting is saving anything at all. Another point in favor is that we explicitly are told the Relays are damaged and not destroyed. Furthermore we see that the Normandy isn't stranded on the jungle planet (presumably they stay put for repairs, head count, and a few other things then are shown leaving.) Things can be fixed and put right. Plotholes are closed up if not to a complete degree the whole thing isn't a mass of brain hurting that I can't ignore.

The Bad: Let's start with the interview. Again we're promised that our choices matter and that a lot of thought and care had to go into showing how things play out. This is pure and utter nonsense. We have the same endings based on a last minute set of choices Shep gets to make. Sure some things in the slideshow change, a few names are or aren't on the Wall at the end, but it's the same Blue/Green/Red color coded for your convenience ending that we railed against the first time.

We don't see any of the added war assets. No Geth Prime. No Judicar, No squads of Krogan. Nothing.

Oh and there's a new 'I refuse' end which has the game giving us the middle finger but I'll get to that later.

Now on to the endings themselves.


My Thoughts: Oh God. We have a Shreaper (shepard reaper.) Ignore the visuals. Listen to the words. Look at Shep's face right before he gets disintegrated. We have the blue eyes of Indoctrination. With that in mind simply listen. That sound you hear is Harbenger Laughing. He has won.


My Thoughts: It is extremely creepy to see everyone with glowy green machine-zombie eyes. The Reapers are still alive. The Cerberus Abominations still live. Yet this is supposed to be the 'happy' ending. I am unconvinced and unmoved. We see people suddenly being all happy happy when moments ago they were killing eachother. We have all the cumulative knowledge of the Reapers. Woohoo? Bah! They still killed trillions this cycle alone and they should be held to account for that. Oh and you suddenly have husks that have a mind and will. That's gotta be fun. While it's nice to have EDI narrate I personally sit and look at this as the Reaper s Winning. We do not have to be harvested as Reaper forms because they already have us. The Cycle has ended and they have won.


My Thoughts: You die. EDI dies. The Geth Die. Anyone that relies on implants die (likely including the Quarrians.) Since this does not happen (and we see Tali in the ending alive and well, albeit emotionally distraught) I'm saying the Catalysis was bluffing us to try getting shep to not throw the big huge switch of judgement. Sadly we still have that insipid 'breath' scene post credits. Said scene takes place with Shep under what looks like rubble on earth. No matter what else this is the only ending I see where the Reapers are absolutely conclusively Dead.


My Thoughts: Where this whole choose colors thing still is there as a troll to the players with basically the monkey in charge of writing ME3 having said flat out he doesn't care that we don't like the fact none of our choices matter and these are still our only options he goes a step further and lets you refuse to choose or outright shoot the Catylist. Then the game tells you since you didn't choose you die. Game over. Reapers Win. That is a middle finger to the community for 'whining'. Listen to the child when he gets pissed that you choose not to choose. It's the sound of someone throwing a hissy baby fit because we didn't like the arthouse ending and demanded that our choices matter, like we were promised.

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