Modempunk: Part 10

This is going to be another of those chapters that have more than one part to them mostly because as of the time I wrote this segment it's very late and I don't want to be completely useless in the morning. So expect a 10.2 at some point today or maybe tomorrow.

However I want to say something here. The French Minitel concept should have been imported to America in the 80's if my understanding of how the system worked is anywhere approaching the mark. Sure it's dumb terminals and unless they were replaced every few years they would have hamstrung the system as a whole and possibly delayed acceptance of the Internet proper, but in theory we would have had a population more comfortable with digital media so maybe, and this is a blind wish of a desperate man wanting to avoid the path of the cynic, we wouldn't be in the bind we are with copyright and corporations that have their heads buried in the sand.

Like I said. Blind hope for something that never happened.

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> Post Author: Blackbird
> Subject: MAX EMERG

> Max is missing. 
> I don't know if he was kidnapped, or if
> he got snagged while out on his morning
> run, but I last saw him the night after
> Steve came clean about what's been 
> going on. We talked about what to do
> next, why him, why all this mess with
> whatsisname behind the spy stuff we're
> going through. 
> Saturday morning. Nothing. I'd thought
> maybe he had family stuff to go do what
> with his grandad coming back from out
> of town, but when I talked to his dad
> he told me he thought Max had been with
> me. We made calls. Drove around, and 
> called the cops. 
> If anyone knows anything call, come by
> or something. 
> - Either Help Me or Get Out of My Way -

> Post Author: Copper
> Subject: Max
> Just got off the phone with a bunch of 
> the non-computer guys in club and they
> don't know anything either but promised
> to keep eyes out and call if anything 
> drifts their way.
> Til we know more of what's going on I
> want everyone here to start traveling 
> together, large groups where possible,
> and just try keeping an eye open for
> anything or anyone that just doesn't 
> seem right. Don't want people flipping
> out and jumping at shadows, but if S
> grabbed Max then the game's changed
> and I'm worried who else might be a 
> target here.

> Was there any sort of ransom note?
> - 01 10 11 100 101 111 1000 1001 1011 -


[Note: The following segment came from a friend's notebook. It was given to me when some of the other staffers here found out I was going through my old highschool stuff and making things public. Not sure how accurate everything is, but the bare bones of it check out.]

Right when things were starting to look up again and life was starting to put itself back together I had to go get a kick to the gut. Max vanishing was bad enough on it's own, but it was worse for me because Everyone from the old board knew I was playing for the other team and a group of them thought if they beat me hard enough he'd magically show back up.

Not sure how long our 'chat' lasted, but it was interrupted by Venom and Blackbird. Later after my head stopped spinning they told me they were stopping by to sit down and talk see what I knew that might help. At the moment though all I knew was Blackbird had one of them in a armlock and was shouting at the other two to either back off or she'd dislocate his arm.

Was aware of Venom patting me down, looking me over, then carrying me inside. Pretty sure she was talking too but as soon as I got picked up the world started doing odd things around me.

When I woke Blackbird was gone and Venom was typing something up on my dad's Commtel unit. Keep telling him I could get a card for the apple that would let him do more than what that idiot box Ma Bell dumped in his lap, but he swears by it. Oh well. Asked what Venom was still doing here and tried to get out of bed.

Between helping me off the floor and helping me get a few bites of something lumpy and liquid-ish she explained her mom was a nurse and she was leaving a message for her work mailbox since she didn't know what floor she was working.

God. My English teacher would murder me for that. Funny what goes through your head when everything's hitting the fan.

Also. Real surprised the Luddites are catching on to the whole Commtel thing. Sorta worried the phone company won't want to update and upgrade the terminals as new stuff makes more possible, but hey if it'll help drag the dinosaurs into the modern age I'm all for it.

I'm writing all this after the fact. Way after the fact really. Wasn't til the next day I really felt like doing much and that's after Mama Venom doctored me. Blackburd's furious, but focused and has priorities. Copper's tearing himself apart trying to come up with a Hail Marry. My friends. I didn't want this. It was just supposed to be a little extra money to help out.

House full of nice things and my family's too busy screaming at itself to notice not a stick or switch of it is making them less likely to kill each other. Now because work turned out to be run by a scary crazy guy with more money than brains and either blind luck or something let him hire a bunch of people really good at what they do. I'm being watched. They'll read this.

Venom says it'll be alright. I want to believe her especially since I want to help clean this mess up. Tomorrow's supposed to be a group meeting. I'll try doing my talking then.
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