Modempunk: Part 8

It's been Months since I last added to this and for that I apologize. No. Really. Last section was written on November 19th. And that's just plain terrible. However when you kinda lose momentum due to not knowing something then get sidetracked by other things it's somewhat difficult to get that momentum back, especially when you have self-confidence issues. Ah well. Here we go!

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A week in and our collective savings are gone. Most of us have sold at least one or two bits of equipment and more than a few floppies worth of stuff to cover costs for this investigator guy. Harry somethingsomething Malone. Only experience I have with these guys are black and white movies, Bladerunner, and a few pulp novels. We're going to let him do his thing, but since everyone's auctioned off something of their own, or traded, or just chipped in, we collectively don't feel it's unreasonable that we get summaries of what he's been up to every couple days. He's agreed to this and given us an address we can find him at if he's not in his office.

Copper's afraid S, and I'll use that til we get a name since X or some random curse is overdone, is just going to pull out and leave us nothing to work on. Malone has, fortunately, managed to come to the rescue there by finding where the guy is working out of. Kinda bland rent-a-office type place and S is payed up til the end of the year. Would think that's that and we can call the cops in right?

Turns out having a plate number and a destination isn't good enough for the cops. At least that's what Malone's telling us. Says it could be one of the gophers that's stealing and S thinks the guy got the goods fair and legal. We need to prove S is in on this before going all gung-ho here.

To add more problems to my plate like it or not I have school to focus on since. Well. Yea. Also I broke my promise I wouldn't sign up for sports again. Blackbird talked our History teacher, who's also our football coach, into having a sit-down talk with me.

He won't take no for an answer. Says he's seen me lifting weights after school and my morning runs. Says I have an obligation and damned what the rest of the team thinks. I'll give him two weeks. Let him see things for himself then I'll drop. It's what basically everyone who tries out is allowed. Two weeks and you can drop for any reason. After that you're in for the rest of the season no matter if it's bench warming, laundry, or whatever.

I need to talk to grandad when he gets back. Dad's advice was what got me the 'drop after a couple weeks' idea and I don't like quitting.


> From: KiddSkull
> Subject: Training From Hell
> Max. Dude. Not funny man. I don't know how or what or anything
> but next time when the coach says we can't leave til all of us
> are passed out or puking that isn't the time to show off you've
> been working since last summer before tryouts.

> From: MaxJustice
> Subject: Re: Training
> Now do you see why I didn't like the idea of signing up in the
> first place? I'm not trying to train for /anything/. Dad's just
> had me doing morning runs since he thinks it's some kind of
> father-son bonding time or something.
> This's kindof what happened in middle-school with me. I signed
> up for everything since that's what you do right? You try getting
> into whatever they're offering. Had most of the other kids hating
> me by the time it was over. I was always that half-step faster,
> or could go ten minutes longer, or hit a little harder while it
> looked like I had to work half as hard.

> From: Aku
> Subject: Re: Training
> Max. Don't let anyone get you down. It'd be a shame our best is
> going to bench himself because everyone else is whining. Can't say
> what anyone else thinks, but I'd rather have you running the ball
> than Tyson. You at least I know aren't on steroids and liable to
> hit random people for no reason.

> From: Blackbird
> Subject: Re: Training
> Hey maybe it'd be good for the whole club. We game and solder, and
> code so much we kinda let the whole 'taking care of ourselves' bit
> lapse. Might be a good idea to have a club-wide set of events.
> Two Classes here for folk. Those that are already in some kind of
> sport, and one for those that aren't. This keeps things fairish.
> At least it keeps people who already have had a week or month or
> whatever of conditioning from curbstomping the folk that haven't.
> Sound fair?

> From: Copper
> Subject: Re: Games
> Blackbird that's an awesome idea. We'll hash out details come next
> meet.

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