Modempunk: Part 8.2

What's here is actually going to go into part 8 of the proper document. Makes a few things clear, or at least furthers the plot along. Next chapter picks up on the pace a little.

The hardest part of doing a journal type story is how do I keep suspense during events when it's all being written after the fact? Could have character break flow like I've done here and there to expand on an issue or make corrections or something, but doing that every few pages is... bleh. Footnotes would probably work better since you get a feel for some of the stuff not missed, but you can just skip 'em if you want.

Trouble there is how do you do end of page footnotes on a format that doesn't have pages?

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Since the final doc will have changes here and about I'm including a Google Doc link too. Yes I'm going to go through the links and add a table of contents to each in case people want to go through.

Part 8.2
Lurking Pays Off

Great, woo-hoo the board seems (largely) behind me doing the sports thing. Still not sure about this. Give it another week.

As a bit of distracting yet good news Blackbird apparently got that busted commodore up and running. Both of us really want to upgrade our systems since my ][e is showing it’s age, and even with the 128 for her being a massive horsepower boost the writing’s kind of on the wall. We’ve both talked, joked, jabbed, and if we can get the money we’re both going to stick with our respective brands. Suppose that makes things easier on me since the GS is supposed to be backwards compatible.

Funny. Haven’t really heard much about the GS even though it's out right now. Might want to look into that before I start picking up and saving money for next year’s round of spending. Ah well. At least Blackbird’s finally got a box that can do a full eighty characters per line.


Been a few days. First club wide fitness day went.... about as well as can be expected. Man, knew a lot of these guys were out of shape but not even able to do a twenty minute mile? I can do one in ten but I run every morning and I’m starting to suspect I’m some kind of freak of nature.

Oh well. They showed up, it’s a baseline we were after. Sure the bar’s pretty low but nowhere to go but up right? Next time we’ll start on some basics. Stretches, warmups, things that won’t make someone puke a lung (I hope) and in general just try helping everyone look on the bright side. Don’t need to go making enemies out of everyone so push attention away from me, put attention on making things better for them. Strong body. Strong mind. One can’t exist without the other. That sort of thing.


Me and Blackbird met with Malone. Just writing this down while waiting for Aku to get here with the ride. Malone says he’s found something huge and we need to move. Not wait on the cops. Us. Blackbird’s skeptical but- it feels right to me. Just the three of us it’ll be a small group and it’s going to be a quick in, take pictures, out. We won’t be trespassing so it’ll give us what we need but we gotta move.


Well this explains a thing or nine. Steve’s working with these [Note: lots of strings of profanity removed here. That and even more of me beating myself up for not noticing] people. Amazing what you can see through a lens as big as your head. Steve clear as day handing over what Aku tells me is a Timex Sinclare and something else then getting a dufflebag from the suit he handed them over to.

I know. Everything could be on the up and up, but you don’t go middle of the night to sell something you own. What doesn’t add up is why wait so late? I’d asked dad this and he said something about timezones then wouldn’t say anything else. Even if the person all this stuff is for why? Must be something I’m missing. Even if the guy with the Big Money is off in Europe it’d make more sense to do the deal in daytime then call with the news later. This late night back ally stuff only makes things all strange.

Things don’t add up. Going to have to have words with Steve after practice.

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