My Thoughts on ICANN's Top Level Domain Expansions

So ICANN is going into adding new Top Level Domains to the internet (meaning along with .com .org etc we could see .lol .sucks .app and others.) I find this process flawed in that even if you manage to pay the fee to get reviewed ($187 000) they can refuse you and still keep the money.

Amazon wants .kindle. Sounds reasonable right? Would help their whispernet 3g thing work better if you could whitelist by a specific domain rather than have to go through and have a huge whitelist. It makes sense that Companies would want their names as domains to prevent cyber squatters and scammers that want to impersonate (meaning .google .ford .disney probably wouldn't actually get used but would be held in reserve.) Sounds reasonable so far yea?

Amazon also wants .book. Google wants .blog. Generic terms that if any one company got hold of that entire domain name they could decide not to share. Lifehacker has pointed out hte problems of what would happen if say... Google were Awarded the .blog or .app Domain and didn't want to share with Wordpress, Apple, Microsoft, or whoever. I tend to personally distrust people/companies stronger than me, even Google, so yea. Not liking the idea of a company getting something generic and then denying access since that basically means nobody else can or will use it which means in practice .com will never 'go away' as a generic and revert back to the initial purpose (Commercial.)

I'd really like if .blog got widespread use. Could tell at a glance that a specific site was a blog rather than a news site or whatever. Same with .app for browsing through phone/app related stuff.

Come to think of it whether they've been applied for or not I want to list the domains I want to see in no particular order.

.troll Your host can put your site on this domain as a 'wall of shame' tye thing. Altenrnitively (and more realistically) Just have a page of trollers and their normal site addresses.

.nom For any food related site. Problem is other than the ones wanting a little humor I dunno how much this one would get used.

.forum You know just because. Then again personally Blog and Forum would go better as prefixes for a site. IE blog.whatever.nfo or forum.whatever.nfo.

.game You know since would be awesome and you know it. Would also be good for consolidating all the browser based games to one domain.

.help Look. Having all the server help documentation on a single domain would be great. Also having any fast aid sites (liike if someone's suicidal, or needs immediate medical referrencing or maybe even just plain DiY) this'd be nice to have.

Yes I'm late to the party but I'm not an expert or in the whole tech industry. I"m just a random observer.

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