Review: Cyber Punks Unite - Virtual Terrorists

I wouldn't call myself an audiophile. I don't usually care about music bitrates so long as it sounds good in my bargain bin earbuds. However I listen to a little of everything, though some genres get more playtime than others. I am also, for better or worse, usually low on cash I can just go out and spend. Normally this means Grooveshark and Youtube are my best friends. However occasionally I get wind of an album or even just a song that's 'pay as you like Pay a Dollar or More', or more often something a band's put up for free in hopes of drawing a crowd. Have to say what the Virtual Terrorists have here is pretty good for a first album.

Cyber Punks Unite feels, to my uncultured ear, like a mix of video game soundtrack and mid-nineties low budget indie film. I men that in the best possible ways since it's an interesting blend that you can put on in the background and nod your head to while working on something else, or you can turn the volume up full bore and let the Music be an experience in itself.

You get a couple short tracks at roughly a minute or so that seem to try telling some sort of story that the rest acts as background music to. This method somewhat reminds me of Fear Factory's Obsolete Album and is reinforced by promises on the band page that if you order the actual CD you get background and story information in the included booklet. The comparison falls apart once you get past attempting to tell a story and a (theoretically) interesting CD bundle since Fear Factory is industrial metal and Virtual Terrorists sits firmly in techno (what sub-genre I have no clue.)

I'm not someone that can go into the how and why and what you'd have to do to mix something so I feel somewhat bad when I say I didn't like the entire album. Turn the volume up and everything starts distorting, which to me suggests whoever was behind the mix job at the end should have toned it down a little bit. However I've no idea if the effect was intentional or not, and unless you have volume up at like 90 or 100 it feels like part of the atmosphere the band wanted to generated.

Tracks I like

DeAth 5ector (2.0)
Brothers Of Destruktion (feat Xero)
Scrap Metal Suicide

Tracks I felt needed work

Secs Interface

I liked the album as  whole but those are the tracks that stood out on listening. Well fine there's another track that stood out to me. Lux Aeterna is the last trck on the list and it is a heavy remix of Clint Mansell's Requiem for a Dream. It's a good mix and one I haven't heard before that tries taking an overplayed song and trying to be new with it by using different instruments and pacing rather than what most attempt on youtube and just apply heavy filters (Sadly haven't seen this song in G Major yet Honestly would've thought we'd have at least seven or eight of those by now. Ah well.)

Buy or Don't buy? 

Hard to say since it all depends on how you like the type of music these guys are offering. However since they're letting you try things out first I say give it a listen an d if you like what you hear drop a bit of money in the bucket for the band. I do not, however, like tht 'pay as you like' here means 'pay a minimum amount'. Yes most people will just download, but when you say you mean a thing. Follow through don't go 'we're saying this buuuut' since that's when you lose folk.

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