Review: Dark Legends Three Months Later

So you have an android, or maybe an iphone, or you just want a game to kill ten minutes on in browser. There's plenty of browser games. There's lots of phone games. However I've only seen a bare handful that works for both and lets you have the same account on both the phone and browser sides of things. Spacetime Studio seems to have carved this niche out for themselves in the gaming market and. Well. After three months of Dark Legends and seeing the new updates roll out I have to say I think they have a winner.

A little History.

Spacetime, for those that don't know, have already come out with two other games; Pocket Legends and Star Legends. Seeing a theme to the naming here? I am. Could have to do with the fact all three use essentially the same engine or it could just be their way of cultivating brand association. Star Legends follow a traditionalish feeling instance based multiplayer mmo. You get mission from central hub you go to the area in question and you murder things or progress to x and are awarded a win condition. Usually this is close to the  exit to the next area in line where you can get a new mission for that area near the entrance (and get rewards for the newly completed job in the process.) Very slick.

Even slicker is the fact that you can sell things from the inventory screen; which is dead handy since without paying for more slots you fill up on trash items fairly quickly and not having to exit and go to a shop is really really handy.

I've heard Pocket Legends follows a similar trend, but since I haven't played it I ain't talking about it.

Bring On the Money.

Of course they want you to spend real-world money on their games since otherwise they are out of business and we are left twiddling our thumbs. This is where Platinum comes in.

When you buy it you tell Spacetime which game you want this for then you get in-game prices for. Well. I won't say 'the good stuff' since most everything can be gotten without spending money either through contests to get Platinum, simple hunting for a particular drop, or completing offers if you have the phone version.

Mostly though Platinum (in star legends) is used to buy buffs to make the whole murdering your way to victory easier. Dark Legends has a different mechanic at play. Non-fighting actions require Energy. You use platinum to instantly regenerate energy that otherwise takes about an hour to fill up on. Since not everyone is comfortable spending real world money on little numbers on a screen you can find energy in the fighting missions if you're patient enough.

Or you could spend Platinum on item packs, or unique vanity outfits that have no real affect on game stats. Sure there's some equipment you can only get by getting Plat but from my understanding all the plat gear essentially has the same stat and it's just a matter of cosmetics.  They did good on this then since you don't have 'people who can afford awesome gear' and 'everyone else.' Plus like I said if you have the Droid/iOS versions you can complete offers to get more.

So Why Review Three Months After Release?

To be blunt; They finally made Dark Legends worth playing.

Before the newest update you would blow your energy on whatever map missions were available (and all missions had an energy cost whether it was sitting around and waiting, or actually fighting.) This generally favored 'check in a couple times a day and in general there was little incentive to do the stompy fighty missions since those also drained your energy and they gave far less experience than the wait and reap map missions.

Now you have allies that are specific and unlocked for each area once you beat the fighting killing missions (which now cost nothing to play.) So instead of just sitting around doing nothing (or playing CTF or Deathmatch in-game) you can still beat the daylights out of stuff to gain equippables, possibly more Energy, and on the whole the game feels less like it favors the guy that has to whip his phone out during a coffee break to do a mission update and now everyone Else can play too.

OK fine you have to light vampires for this to be any good, and I don't mean the sparkle not-vamps that Twilight has made popular for some strange unknowable reason (Spacetime even makes fun of Twilight here and there. Nothing overt it just takes the occasional stab.)

This is the 'get in a coffin by dawn vampire that can and will ruin the day of anyone and anything around them' that Blade made use of. You run around darken streets murduring legions of Men, Werewolves, Zombies, Cultists, Demons, and all in your quest to prove you are the biggest baddest vamp of them all.

Are You a Bad Enough Dude to murder your way to the top? 

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