A Series of Google-Centric Observations

So my muse has more or less abandoned ship. I didn't post anything yesterday, and I need to keep momentum going. There's lots of news I could comment on. Christian Bail visiting the Aurora Shooting Victims, Apple's 'iPad Mini', the negativity I'm seeing in political ads, but instead I'm going to go on about Google for a bit.

Why? Why not? It's my blog, and while Google+ doesn't have a real limit to post size (I tend to put anything I put here up there along with the link) I like keeping my long form stuff on blog. It's irrational I suppose since I could just keep posting to Plus. They're both google services after all.

Chrome OS
When Chrome OS came out it's big promise was no desktop, just the web. This isn't the case anymore. You have the Aurora desktop and a very mac-like icon dock at the bottom of the screen. One could say Google went back on their promise. Someone else could say they bowed to user pressure. Me? After getting a chance to play around with it for a few months I have to say I like it, though I have a few things I'd like to see done a little better.

For me the 'Going Back to the Desktop' approach has an advantage in it's easier for me to toss Grooveshark , Google Docs, and whatever in their own window and move on my way. Sure could have done that before but now it's easier to do (how I don't know since you could tell apps to just open in a new window.) Maybe i'ts a psychological thing. No matter. Having writespace up full screen and hitting the window switch key (F5 basically) to grooveshark to shuffle the playlist is nice. Wish Docs worked better. Interestingly enough Firefox is working on their own OS So maybe This image will come to pass.

Google Buying Companies
Sometimes it works out. Take Blogger for instance. They came about during the Dot Com bubble and had been limping along in one form or another with it's creator on a shoestring budget. Then Google comes along and buys it and well there you go. Google also bought Deja News and turned it into Google Groups... which is more of a 'meh' thing. Some people like it, others hate it, most people I've talked to have no real opinion. I don't know what it was like before so I can't rightly comment.

So there's this huge fluff over Google buying the guys behind the Sparrow iOS app. Honestly I understand where Sparrow's management is coming from since if Google showed up with briefcases full of money I'd be liable to hand over the keys too, especially if I wasn't doing so well financially (see also Blogger.) The problem hits when the company bought out has a product people like and after getting hoovered up Google isn't updating that product any more. I sincerely hope Sparrow Keeps getting updated, at least until gmail inevitably takes on the feature set, because I've heard lots of good things about the app and would hate to see it die.

Google Plus
I've been on Google's Social Network for a year now, which is about how long it's been active. I like it. I've made posts about it. Seen lots of interesting people and discussions. Also seen lots of people that are screaming and hooting at the top of their lungs just to get pageviews.

Guess the more things change huh? Personally would like to see Gogle+ get the sort of editing capabilities Blogger and Google Groups have, which is basically a cut-down version of what's in Google Docs.

Why? Well for one it'd make me more inclined to post there, and since you don't have to be a member of Google+ to see what people are posting you don't have that same 'well you have to be in the cool crowd to see this stuff' vibe facebook's got. Then again it's Google so that might be more of a turn-off. Anyway it's just I'd like to see things like hyperlinks in posts, being able ot add more than one image, and easy text format shortcut keys instead of relying _on_ *formatting* -marks- that might or might not work depending on whims.

Then again Google+ isn't for everyone. The fact Google has it's claws in everything aggravates some people and scares others. After all if it were Apple buying people left and right, or Microsoft throwing money around the geek community (and the internet at large) would be screaming bloody murder. Why should Google be treated special?

As I've said in posts past I drink the Google Koolaid. I am, however, grateful for people that keep an eye on Das Search Engine Overlord and call them out on things they've done or are doing that people should feel more than a little creeped out about. Any entity, company, or the like Unopposed is a bad thing since even if they're doing good at first what happens when management changes or they start to forget their core values? Everyone needs reminders, especially the guys that have the big bucks since if they fall to corruption everyone else suffers.

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