Can't Stop the Signal: Part 1

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Because the last story had a 'non ending' ending I've figured why not move on and follow. Pretty sure I'm going about this all wrong. After all what I'm doing is original-ish content so there should be ways of advertising, communities beyond the occasional November bug, and the like.

Still, this blog is mine (well as much as any of Google's services are mine.) I'd put it up with the intent of getting some feedback. So far that really hasn't happened. Suppose i could just go open up something on Deviant Art, even though I've never liked the idea. Can't really say why but the idea of putting a word-heavy piece up on a site that seems geared for graphic art seems a bit backward to me. Ah well.

Anyone wanting a catchup on relevant material before can read the doc link for the last story. Got a headache going and lots of things to do elsewhere, so only one post today, that's also late. Sorry guys.

Can't Stop the Signal

"We good to go?" Mark punched a few keys on his console to bring up the status of the shuttle Alice was bringing back from planet side. It'd been a couple weeks since repairs were finished and while the locals who had helped couldn't leave the system he had agreed with his Assistant/Ship's AI/Partner that they deserved to see what they'd worked for.

The radio hissed .and there was static. "That's the last of them Mark." Alice's voice was calm as her craft sped towards the Renascent. "How's the media stream doing?

More button pressing and a second window popped up on screen showing an incomprehensible jumble of numbers and percentages. "Looks good so far. You really think there's a market for this stuff? I mean sure i like it, but everyone I've had facetime with has said I'm more than a little insane."

"I'm sure some of this will at least make the comedy streams." Alice's voice was light and cheerful as she spoke. "You know I had a thought. Ditch the shuttle here on an asteroid, have it turn into a repeater station so we can keep up to date instead of constantly having to go back and forth"

There was a thought. It depended on how well this 'reality' tv was received, or the game shows, or... Well if nothing else, Mark thought, they could sell some of it to the police and military as files on up-and coming civilizations. These humans weren't that far from actually making first contact as a species. Sure it was a big investment in equipment and money to buy a replacement down the line, but if it payed off then he'd call it worth it.

"Pick a good one, bury it so whenever these guys start sending probes out they won't wonder just what the deal is with a giant dish downloading as much of their infonet as physically possible."

Alice laughed, "Oh I have a good one picked out. We'll even be doing these apes a favor by deflecting it." The shuttle changed course and sped towards what, if it were actually on Earth, would be considered a small mountain. "I'll leave a few sub-routines active. Get ready for test patterns."

More button pressing. Mark sighed as they started working through test traffic to make sure what they were going to try was going to work. Sure it'd pay off in the long run, but it was adding time to their visit here.

Hours later He pushed his chair away from the Console. "We're all done Alice, upload back up here and let's skiddaddle."

Alice's pale blue-white hologram faded into view behind and to the left of Mark's chair. "Not to be a killjoy," She spoke as the ship started out of system, "But we do have an appointment before we're well and truly out of here. You know this right?"

Mark buried his head in his hands, "Right right. I'm sure it'll just be scans for life signs should be open and shut nobody home except us robots"

"Not necessarily. From their perspective all we have to do is bring anything out, dead or alive. They'll have to send a team in to hand-check."

Mark's sigh, though not necessary, was the sum of his feelings on the idea of anyone or anything coming on board his ship while he got to his feet and started for the elevator. "I'll go do a sweep of my own before they get here. Wouldn't want 'em finding anything our guests forgot and think we were planning on selling it."

A dry chuckle came from the ship's speakers as Alice started signaling to the Kuramitsu that they were making ready for inspection.

A green toned male answered the hail. "Alice good to hear you're doing well. Mark keeping you overworked and underpaid?"

This got a laugh out of the AI, "What is this 'pay' you speak of?" There was a pause while they both had a good laugh. "We're leaving some monitoring equipment behind so we can tap their infonet and rig for rebroadcast. That going to be a problem Ix?"

Ix blinked, apparently caught off guard by the new development. "Hrm, shouldn't be but I'd like you to send over the probe's specs, location and search parameters."

"Done." Alice crossed her arms as she looked the green toned communication's officer over critically. "Think there's going to be an audiance for any of this?"

"I dunno. Lemme have a looksee while we wait on word from On High on if this little probe of yours is kosher or not." Ix tapped a few buttons on his console and a video popped up.

After letting the video play for a couple minutes Ix dismissed it. "I think I actually know that guy. Good music, but a bit not right in the head. You'll find an audience if you can keep digging gems like this out of the garbage of local news and cele-brats that keep doing nothing useful."

"Your vote of confidence means worlds to me Ix." Alice's tone was flat, but the smile her construct gave was genuine.

Mark's voice interrupted them. "Hate to butt in Ix, but a couple of the guys you sent ot search the place have plasma rifles aimed at my head."
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