Can't Stop the Signal: Part 2

Right then. I've finally gotten a little help on new material from the other people listed in the sidebar. Life is working out. I've been listening to the Canabalt Soundtrack. Oh sure I've kinda written myself into a corner, but I'd like to think I'm talented enough to find a direction.

Let's Do This.


Alice's attention shifted from Ix to Mark. There were three people in riot gear each holding weapons at his head. Sure Mark was an android, but even with a tough-as-armor shell plasma would still cook him to the point of non-recoverability.

She quickly shifted her attention back to Ix. "What are you doing?" There was no anger in her voice. "My partner is being held at rifle point by your men. What are we being charged with?"

Ix glanced about his station, punching up information on a secondary monitor and shook his head at it. "Nothing. This's supposed to be a simple sweep."

"Then get me the registration numbers on everyone you sent to my ship." Alice's attention flicked back to the Renascent and looked at the bigger picture. A second team was sweeping the cargo hold while there was a lone operator sniffing around Engineering. Wile it was tempting to directly confront these people she instead turned on the microphones nearest her target.

"-Pilot is secured. Ship's AI is giving us trouble, but we're on track."

She heard a second voice answer. "And the Police?"

"Have no clue. We'll be here and gone before they know what happened."

Alice was tempted to keep listening, and in fact she started recording, but pulled her awareness back to the Police Cruiser. "Ix. I want you to be completely honest with me. Are you in on this?"

"Wait what?" Ix looked around the navigation pod and, on seeing nobody paying him any special attention, turned back to his console. "Gods no Alice and even if I still ran that kind of crowd I wouldn't go on a job to jack you."

He started typing commands that would send a general mayday before Alice shook her head, "No. Even if everyone on your ship's on the up and up they've still got Mark at rifle point."

"But we can't sit and do nothing." Ix protested. "OK... OK. Alice I want you to OK slaving the 
Renascent to my console. If anybody asks I can tell them I'm just moving us further out of system where the locals won't spot anything." New information spread across Ix's console and he started nudging both ships into the Oort cloud.

Then he made both ships lurch hard enough that neither could properly compensate. "Frak! Sorry bit of space junk nothing to worry 'bout. Everyone alright?"

Mark opened a video feed. "Yea, no thanks to these three." He had a rifle trained on the trio of would-be hijackers. "Now you people care to explain just what the big idea is?"

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