Cold Call: Part 2

I had intended this to be all in one day. I really did. Unfortunately life had other ideas and I got sidelined by things on the home front. Sorry.

So what of this charming fellow to the right (or at the bottom of the post if you're reading this on Google+) what about him?

Actually I borrowed him from a fan-site NeoToonami. Why? Again, inspiration pieces at play here. That and you have to admit there's a lot of work that went into that model (whether you like the design or not. I happen to like it.)

Kinda sad that my 400th post here is me being grouchy over a bunch of arguably insane people defacing history because they feel that their faith called them to.

Anyhow I know there's formatting goofs here and there and for that I'm sorry, but I'm trying to improve, fix, and all that as I find bugs that need squashing.

And Hey here we go.


Work had shifted from checking in at x time and take y calls per set unit of time. Now it was talking to suppliers. Chatting with represenetives from fields ranging from ultra-tough composite materials, to high end communications electronics. His job was to get things on a list and have them shipped somewhere.

There were email, calls, The voice on the other end became a little more animated, a little less like a recording with each call. Yet for Will this Alice person had this unreal quality about her. Maybe it was the fact he'd never seen her, or possibly something about her voice, but it made him start making calls of his own.

"So," He was in a conference video chat with a few other people that this Alice person had gotten to do errands, "anyone have any luck figuring out who this lady is, or at least figure out if we're helping build a bomb, or plans to hijack something or-" He looked at the inset windows on his screen of other people frowning at him. "Fine fine not funny but anyone have anything?"

One of the windows expanded, showing a rail thin blonde girl. "Address is basically middle of nowhere and I've got a friend gnawing at trying to figure out who actually owns the thing. As of five minutes ago he was at about seven or eight dummy companies in a wire tangle of one owning the other owning a third that's actually controlled by the first and it's all pretty hinky so far."

"Hinky?" Dark skinned man wearing a white baseball cap with a neon yellow biohazard logo across the top. "Bah what do you think this'd be like CSI Timbuktu?" He glanced away from the camera and smiled. "I've got the Turk on it right now. Should have something in a week."

"A week?" Several voices echoed eachother but were cut short when Will started.

"Like Fawkes said, a week. Nobody does anything rash. Just take notes, We talk more about this then. In the meantime, Anyone hear the latest on-" And so the conservation moved from the mystery job into gaming.

* * *

Unknown to the group at large there was another observing. She smiled at the cluster of windows representing the most curious of the people that had been working for her. "Good. They're not just sitting back and taking my keeping everyone at arm's length laying down."

A dark blue android tilted it's faceless head at the monitor Alice was projecting her face, and the conservation she was following, on. "You sure about this?" Alice scowled at her reflection in the droid's visor. "No i mean I understand why you're getting a little local help, but letting them figure things out? What if they don't like what we're doing up here?"

Alice chuckled, dismissing the cluster of windows as her avatar focused on the droid's visor, coming about as close as staring into each other's eyes as possible, "Mark, you worry too much. I've made profiles on all the potentials and they seem sympathetic."

"Fine," Mark sighed theatrically, nevermind he didn't breath or actually have lungs. "I'm just worried what they'll do if they get up here. I mean..... all those touchy grabby sticky hands everywhere. It'll take me and the Rats weeks to get everything back in order, and that's if none of 'em decide to start getting punch happy with buttons."

Alice's avatar scowled down at the droid. "So I'll have most of the consoles disabled and keep the doors shut to engineering or anywhere really important. They're working their legs off for our sakes and they deserve to know what the payoff is."

Moments passed as both artificial beings played through scenario after scenario. Each worried that this plan was going to somehow blow up in their faces. Finally Mark's head shifted, his body relaxing marginally. "Well we are getting good paydata off their planet. Could be worse, they're at least interesting."

Alice laughed. "Oh you're only just now noticing or did you figure it out after your first fourteen hour marathon of Mass Effect?"

"What can I say?" Mark fished a controller from it's cradle beneath the console Aice's screen was attached to. "I get bored easy."
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