Apparently Lamar Smith (R, Texas) is a sore loser. That or he genuinely feels he and the lobbiests paying him lots and lots of money are the saviours of creativity and Reddit, Google, Wikipedia, the General Public, Techdirt, and all are either horribly misinformed or being manipulated by villainous commies that don't like intrusive invasive copyright laws because He's decided to drag out the bastard child of SOPA; IPAA (Intellectual Property Attaché Act.)
Same drill as when SOPA came knocking. Call your congressperson (Be polite, keep your statement short.) Write (as in physically write a letter,) and find a petition to sign. Here's one I found after literally five seconds of googling around. There's bound to be others here in the next day or so.

Look. Normally I leave the short material like this for my google+ profile, but I"m making an exception here because I'm tired of ACTA, CISPA, SOPA, and every other four lettered piece of legislation showing up every few months to try taking away personal freedoms online.

I say enough is enough. We need to start making laws that enshrine and elevate a few basic rights that cannot be legislated away. Why? To keep corporate puppeteers (or whoever else is calling the shots because These bills wouldn't roll out one after the other without somebody 'encouraging' the process. Especially in an election year.)

I don't care what political party you identify with. Vote this guy out of office. Don't give in to the cynic that says it'll just be more of the same. It might be, but then again it might not. We have to take a chance if there's going to be change.

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