Concerning Patents and #BoycottApple

Before I get started here I want to make a few things clear. T his is me speaking my mind about the whole Patent War nonsense that's been going around.

Wait. What am I in such a twist over anyway?

Well Apple has managed to get the US Court System to ban sales of the Samsung Nexus phone back in February. It's just now going to court.

Good video. Cites patent numbers and the actual claims.

Since not everyone is going to look past the fold I'm going to sum up by pointing to the picture I have posted. For those that either can't see the image or are using text only browsers (which are awesome by the way) it is a picture of a spoiled bratty teenage girl mid hissy fit over not getting the pretty pretty pony she wanted.
Point of fact I could just point at that image and call it a day. One person's crying because somebody else is doing something that might sorta kinda look like something they own, except if you looked at the two things side by side you could tell just at a glance who which belongs to.

Actually here's a really good youtube explaining things.

But that was in 2006 things can't be all that bad now!

Rubbish I say! Billy is trying to keep Jamie from selling their newest shiny phone. Doesn't matter where. I could be talking about current news, or I could be talking about the last time Apple went on the attack. Or I could be talking about Microsoft. Doesn't matter who's doing what. What it all boils down to is companies spending money and time making it harder for other people to compete.

Isn't a company legally bound to ensure profitability for it's shareholders?

I'm not versed in law. However just looking from the outside it almost seems like if these people would stop suing eachother over how a button looks on a screen or a particular clicky noise happens companies could get to focusing on the whole 'innovating and evolving to meet consumer needs' thing rather than maintain market dominance through clubbing a bunch of would-be startups and other smaller companies then stealing their pocket money or threaten to blow up their house and take all their stuff if they don't just hand it over to begin with.

This is the problem I have with the whole 'but we need patents' mentality. It makes everyone involve behave like they have to build a fortress then burn everyone else rather than working within the market and may the actual best product wins.

Hang on a tic here. What if somebody is basically making a clone of what I made and trying to pass their stuff off as mine?

Fair enough point and again I'm no legal expert (and can't afford one) I would think you could sue for false claims and or impersonation or something. To sum up I think the whole software patent thing is stupid and needs to stop for the good of everyone.

Right, the whole #boycottApple thing.

Youtube! Goooooooo!

Patents for doing something useful like a new way of doing something that would be a huge different than everyone else I can understand. Patenting, and getting granted patents for little things like how a button click feels, or sliding parts, or anything that other phones would have to work with in some way to work. I'll echo this guy's sentiment. Please stop. It's making me and a bunch of other people not want to buy from any of the companies, defending or attacking, makes because we're not getting what we want.

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