From Page to Film - Evolution of the Comic Movie

This is a short prelude to a series that I am going to be working on, probably post on the weekends during my time off, and it's something that has our newest contributor Lucifer's Lawyer to thank for it.

The scale on which we regard films, particularly comic book based films, has been changing. Some will say that it arguably began with X-Men in 2000, where Comic Book Films slowly broke out of the judging of "Comic Book Movies" and became "Movies", but there's a lot more factors than just Bryan Singer's attention to character and plot over flash and pomp, and many will attribute Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Films with much credit toward this, but I will indeed delve into these movies and their effect toward the changing face of the comic movie.

Coming this Friday, I should have at least part one of my review of The Dark Knight Rises after the midnight screening, and likely part one of my review of The Amazing Spider-Man ...a few weeks late as it is. This will likely be a collaboration series of articles and reviews between myself and Lawyer, and I, at the least, am looking forward to this. Expect more from myself as I delve into From the Pages to Film, and cover the evolution of the comic book adaptation from Comic film into Film. And yes, I will be reviewing Roger Carman's Fantastic's gonn'a be like Manos all over again...

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