Grave Choices: 5.3

The inspiration for the City
Marrik calls home, Newport.
I've had a difficult time writing this because believe it or not I don't have much experience in dealing with the aftermath of attempted murder. That and the whole 'I'm kinda just making it up as I co' thing. There's an end I have in mind, but I just don't know how to get there.

Well aware of the fact at some point I need to stop going by the seat of my pants and actually start planning, but that isn't happening today. Also I'm going with decimal point numbering because I'm collecting all this in what I hope will end up being something I can put up on Smashwords and want each chapter/section to be longer than a couple pages.

As an aside. I'm going to do a few writeups on things I don't think I'll get a chance to cover in story. Probably several. Mostly because I can, but partially in case anyone wants to take what I've got and run with their own ideas.


I'm not sure why Will was first on the scene. Maybe Sparks had found him. He looked somewhat annoyed. No that's an understatement. He looked like he'd rip my head off.

Instead of spitting vile and venom at me he glowered at me. Pointed. "Do Not Go Anywhere." Then he went into the house. I heard noises but considering Will was now in a house full of dead bodies and one metaphysically ripped to shreds death knight. There were noises inside. Frustrated angry noises. Then Will came walking out dragging the dead assassin by his feet and it's only as he walked past that I noticed a broken chair leg sticking through the would-be killer's chest.

With that going on Sparks flew to my shoulder and started talking. "He's not mad at you if that's what you're wondering." Her voice was soft as she started rolling out the situation for me. "The Department as a whole was told this morning by some heavy political bigwig honcho to not investigate your fire. Rule it an accident and move on."

One of my eyebrows quirked. "Just like that. Quick dispatch and suddenly their hands are tied." The implications disturbed me, or at least they should have. Instead I was just aggravated. "I knew the coven had people high up but this is ridiculous."

"You don't even know the half of it." Will turned his attention to me, though he was still crouched over the corpse with his gun trained on it's head. "I'm told to fetch you and fold you into the other things we're looking into that your sewer dwelling buddies might be involved in.

Will showed about as much sign of moving as the dead guy did so I used the quiet moment to consider things. Too many unknowns. Too tempting to put me at the center of Everything because I happen to find my life important. Missing information. Couldn't figure out what was going on other than I was caught in some kind of snarl.

"This mean," I'd tried to make my voice light as I walked over to Will and crouched beside him, "I at least get a place to sleep?" Will's grin seemed genuine no matter how bad the joke. 

After several wagons came by my attention was caught by the fact apparently the horseless buggy concept had become tasteful enough to be considered not beneath hauling the dead. Sure the wagons looked like the traditional all black numbers you'd find, but the whole rumbling engine up front replacing a horse thing made me uncomfortable.

Sparks shook her head and muttered something I couldn't understand. Her brother was still missing because of this techno sorcery. Well fine not this thing. The whole business with Wires and Wraiths. I don't know if she was being metaphorical about spirits being chained to serve or if she was calling the Wire system demonic. Other than putting friends of mine out of work I saw no inherent evil there.

Thoughts buzzed about the idea of whether or not this galvanic current was some magical construct or if it was some natural process. If the former then I could see a few disturbing parallels people could make between this and already banned magics. Too much I didn't know there either, but it was a nice distraction from things.

At least until Will asked me about Rin. "When were you going to tell me you could talk to ghosts?"

Wait had I left my friend in the dark? "To be perfectly fair," We were walking while I tried mounting a defense for myself, "You couldn't have known I could speak to the non-living until you knew I could do magic," I didn't want to use the N word here. Too many idle ears attached to loose lips. "Before then you wouldn't have seen how I could much less believe it's possible. After all how do I prove something only I can see and hear isn't a delusion of some sort?"

"By giving information that only the departed have?" We stoped talking while Will bought a couple stuffed breakfast rolls and juice. "And is it something only you can do or is it a standard side thing for all your folk?"

"Near as I can tell s' just me, Min, and one or three more," Rude to speak with your mouth full but I had a hunch we wouldn't have much time to talk when we got wherever we were headed. Swallowing, and nearly choking in the process, let me talk a little clearer. "I wouldn't put much past the older crowd since even if it's not a natural outgrowth of whatever path the magic laid out for them there's a good chance they've found a way anyhow."

Will looked skeptical. "And this Rin? Name tickles a few bells but other than that what's he to you if he's willing to slum around instead of-"

"Drop it." My voice was harsh and I hadn't realized I spoke til after the fact. "I don't want to talk about it."

"But." Will's voice faltered.

Mine wasn't any less harsh. "It's very personal and I don't want to have to tell some huge sob story on the way to a fresh disaster. That was that for the morning catching up before we got to work.

My morning so far has involved sleeping in the street because I had nowhere to go and my house went up in an inferno. Somebody tried killing me while I was taking a bath. My friend and current employer was trying to pry into business I didn't yet want to talk about.  Add  to all that a drow staring down his nose at me.

Nobody has the right to complain to me about how bad their day was. Ever.

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