In Response to the Defacement of World Heritage Sites

On reading this article. I couldn't keep quiet.  So far they've only been, to the best of my scant knowledge, been smashing Islamic sites for whatever reason. The thing is. They're still destroying history because it's their belief.

Look. I'm not going to be nice, r politically correct, or whatever when I say this. So if you're sensitive about these things please find somewhere else to be.

Believe what you want. I don't care. Really. You could believe in His Holy Noodleness the Flying Spaghetti Monster for all I care, or Lord Xenu, or anything at all so long as you aren't going around trashing other people's things (or their lives) because it gives you a religious boner.

These sites belong to no one man. They belong to us all. Us and everyone that comes after should have these places to look on and study and get a feel for the history we've been through.

And in your infinite wisdom you want to smash it all up. Yea. Your faith is so insecure you can't just let something be can you? This radical and very militant Islamic sect is, to me, no different than all those wingnut christian groups that think bombing abortion clinics, or trying to force out the concept of evolution in school textbooks, or the like.

Not all christians think bombing or dumbing down a population is the answer. Same thing with Islam. After all right now these guys are going at other Islamic sites because somebody misread some part of the Quran and some other guy felt they had to get in a hissy over it..

That's what it probably boils down to. Pointless destruction over a finger pointing match that's got somebody's undies in a twist. And because of that everyone else has to suffer.

This is why we cannot have nice things.

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