Kickstarter Project I Like: Project Jumpshot

OUYA isn't the only project to exceed it's target goal. It isn't even the only one technology based.

Here's a for instance:
Say you have a computer that has windows installed. Typically you get a bundle of trialware, adware, and a whole bunch of other *ware that you want off the box. Another scenerio is your parents/sister/cousin/friend/boss/co-worker wants you to degunk their machine since You are the Tech Guy. Could be you have a computer in need of de-gunking and you don't have a tech guy as a friend.

According to Jumpshot you download an easy to handle installer that puts itself on a USB stick (or better yet buy one that already has The Stuff(tm) installed so you odn't have to deal with the possibility your computer puts Badware on the same stick as your fix.) You shut your computer down. Turn it back on. Stick boots up. You get walked through a few prompts so it knows what to do, and while it works you get to brows the web.

Sounds a lot like a really slick linux rescue distro doesn't it? Don't worry if you don't know what that is. You are who this product is aime at. Simple, fixes things for most situations, and all without having to have a relative/friend/co-worker/whoever on call.

I like this project because it's headed up by a couple guys that identify with the problem of being unpaid computer help for everyone around them. They're going for a friendly somewhat silly approach to everything, which is good, and as of Right Now they already have met their original goal.

No idea what their stretch goals are (goals added on if x amount above the initial goal is reached.) Excited to see what pops up.

Oh and for those worried this won't work with Windows 8. I'm pretty sure at least part of this money will go to buy whatever token/key/signature this needs so a locked down windows box will play nice.

Give them money. Please for the love of Bob give them money. If you have anyone in your life that acts as unpaid tech support that's tired of having ot field Everything from 'how do I copy this into my facebook' to 'MY COMPUTER BROOOOOOOKE!!!!!!!!1111one' you will understand where I come from here.
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