My Thoughts on the Tom Cruse Divorce

Sometimes a marriage just doesn't work. The people that were in love, wanted to make good after one of 'em got pregnant, or for whatever political/social reasons now want to be done with the deal and walk away. It happens. No need to make a spectacle of ourselves over it. Just two people who couldn't work things out and now they want to go their separate ways.

Except this time it's Mr. Scientology himself Tom Cruise that's doing the divorcing. Wait. Why should we care what happens to some couch jumping nut for a 'church' that I personally don't think deserves the designation?


Tom and Katie's little girl. I care about this because of her and because I disagree with the idea of having Scientology in any way involved in that little girl's life.

Look I know what I'm going to say can and has been said about actual religions in the past. I know there will be people that disagree with me and i know Scientology is lawsuit happy bunch of cranks that try dogpiling anyone that says something about them they don't like. I also know I'm an over opinionated jerk that finds liberty to say basically Everything that crosses his mind on the web and somehow find someone else that agrees with the sentiment.

If you're an adult and want to join up with a fake church that requires you sign into a contract with them and pay thousands of dollars to learn about some alien overlord named Xenu go ahead. Try brainwashing children and the game changes.

Tom and Katie can destroy eachother for all I care but I don't want that girl involved in Scientology; that girl or any other child for that matter. This isn't something where you get drug off to church for an hour or three every Sunday, or even having Mennonites as parents.  In my view Scientology is a cult rather than a religion. The news folks on TV can't say something like that on air because Scientology is lawsuit happy and the companies that the news is provided by doesn't want to be drug into something that would eat up a lot of their time and money with no real reward.

I'm not all that articulate on matters I'm emotionally invested over and even though I'm quite sure this post looks like a rant as I've only put down a good quarter of what I want to say. Yet I want to keep at least some snese of... Professionallism? No. Standards I suppose would fit better since I'm in no way shape or form professional.

I don't even know if the divorce is about Suri. For all I know Tom got caught in bed with Mscavage or a Thai hooker or something. I don't know. Nobody does. At this point it's all speculation.
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