Neotoonami: A Fan Community's Dream is Go for Launch

I've made  couple toonami related posts in the past I'm grateful that Adult Swim has revived the franchise. I'm hopeful that something can be made of it that's more than pure nostalgia for the 90's crowd.

Up until April nobody that I know of had any real clue that Toonami would return. Nobody. It was pretty much a gurentee that the programming block was gone, so the fans started doing their own thing.

Neotoonami isn't the only community or fan effort, but it's the one I've been watching. Last year they did a promo that had a rough set, rough 'tom', and focused mostly on the lineup.

Their lineup planned at that time was

Gurren Lagann
The Spectacular Spiderman
One Piece
Power Puff Girls Z
The Uncanny X-Men
Dragon Ball Z

Impressive. Ambitious. Fits in the same Three Hour Block I remember when Toonami was at it's peak. Good variety and lineup of shows. Sure I'm not crazy about some of it, but Hey who knows.

Now, legalities aside (mostly because I don't know how to open that can of worms without something going off in my face) I like the concept. While I think they're a bit heavy on the robosynth voices they have the spirit nailed down pretty nicely, and from the roughs I've seen on the forum they've put Years of work into what's essentially window dressing for a streaming service for cartoons.

The guy pictured on the top of the post? The guys behind this made that. Yea. Fan Made. Unpaid. All for something that for all anybody knows could be told to shut down inside a month (we're all kindof surprised they haven't already been told to pack up.

Anyway why am I making a post about all this? Well I go to check my morning feed and get this:

According to their site we've fot seven days and a couple hours in change as of the time of this writing before things get going. Still. I'm excited. Adult Swim, Cartoon Network and Toonami are limited and constrained by budgets, ratings, and the like. While there's a budget at play here these guys can play a little looser with things.
Go there. Discuss.

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