On Dark Matter and the Higgs Boson

Strange. I keep expecting the announcement CERN found the Higgs Boson, or rather evidence pointing directly at this thing that's supposed to be why everything has mass, to be like the FTL neutrino and end  up being a false positive. Maybe building the largest particle accelerator on the planet and spending years searching backed by even more years of theory pointing at what to actually look for just isn't enough for me. Thankfully though all they've announced for sure is that they've found a Higgslike particle rather than saying they've found the particle they were looking for.

This is important because it shows that they understand caution. They've found a new particle, and it appears to fit the current theories about what the Higgs-Boson should do. However it could be something else. The theory could be wrong. Even if this is something else they discovered a new particle. That alone is worth celebrating.

Less shouted from the rooftops news in Science but also important. We have observed Dark Matter. Stuff we've just had to assume existed but never could see because, well, it's Dark Stuff.

Oh I know a bunch of people, a few of them I'm related to, are wondering what all the fuss and roar is over. Get on with the actual useful stuff like cheap energy, or a car that can run off hopes and dreams, or an acid that can eat through red tape.

You can't just pick and choose what fields are useful. Way back in the mid 1800's oil was useless to most people. Right Now Whale Blubber isn't going to do the vast majority of the planet much good. You won't know what's going to be useful and what's stuck as Academia filler til you've looked and found and sorted and analyzed.

Take Eisenstein for instance. He found out gravity does things to light electromagnetic radiation. He also found out that as an object speeds up fast enough relative to somewhere observing you're going to have the clocks on these two points start to not agree on what time it is. Turns out this kind of stuff is important for GPS since the satellites are whipping around the planet fast enough that the errors introduced in their clocks as compared to ground time would throw off where they say you are compared to where you actually are.

Who knows how this information will affect life. I don't. Could have applications in the day-to-day. Probably won't. Still. It's all added information that allows Scientists to focus from lots of competing theories to ones that take thse new observation into account.

And even if you feel both these discoveries are a gross waste of time having the ability to focus on one bit of nonsense instead of thousands is inherently a good thing.

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