Phantasy Star Online 2 Launches tomorrow in Japan

...Yet not getting  whole lot of traction in Europe or North America. Let me just briefly list off the ways the brand has been run through the wringer over the years.

PSO - Dreamcast Era:
Little GM attention, hackers/cheaters everywhere. Said cheaters are blamed for the reason GMs aren't around.

PSO - XBOX/Gamecube:
Not a good seller, yet more cheating and a fractured ship system meaning Cube and XBOX couldn't play together.

PSO - Blue Burst:
Not sure what the hacking/cheating scene was like but North America again gets shafted on updates. Japanese gamers get all the best stuff.

PSU - XBOX 360, PC, PS2:
Experience crippled by needing to keep everything PS2 friendly. XBOX servers not connected to anyone else. Updates that were promised either were late or never happened.

That's just going with the main console games and excluding the 'classic' genesis era games that got remakes that weren't released outside of japan. This list of failures, things done to break the community's trust, and with the actual game launch happening Tomorrow with no word on when or even if it'll see time outside of Japan leaves me wondering why I liked it in the first place.

Oh yea. The other people you would meet, group with, and the like. Sure I'd slummed around on Everquest before Phantasy Star, but at the time it was far faster paced. I put up with the bad drop rates, the squabbling, the kill stealing, and limited number of areas because I honestly had fun playing.

Trouble is while at the time PSO had a leg up on the competition now you have not only World of Warcraft to fill the fantasy niche, but also tons of other Sci-Fi themed MMOs, a few being free to play even. This means PSO, and more importantly the team behind it, has to step up their game.

I've heard good things about the gameplay, but to me that won't matter if I get made to feel like I"m a second class citizen in game again.
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