PSO2 Already has Hacker Problem

Apparently, after a bit of haphazard googling and asking people who have played it's the fault of English speakers. Good news mixed in with the bad there.

The good:
Apparently the fan patch for the client to give it a useful English interface still works even though the game itself is out of beta. Means even if the game does not see an official north american launch in theory we can still play. Of course the problem is none of the quests are actually in english and you need careful walkthroughs to see what to do if it isn't a case of 'kill it if it moves.' That and none of the pay to play features work without hoop jumping because you need to spend yen to get in game super awesome I spent real money currency.

The Bad:
To be honest as far as pranks go I have to say this amuses me, or at least would if it didn't put a black mark against us not-blessed-to-be-born-in-japan people. The hack itself put important NPCs out of reach and so made quests uncompleteable. The guys responsible said it was to "force Sega to patch," adding "[Sega needs] to learn a lesson in busiess" (thank you Escapist Magazine for the line.

I am going to make something clear. This does not help make a case. This does not impress people. All it does is make sega less likely to make an official english client and continue treating us as second or third glass people. Every other iteration of Phantasy Star that's had an online component has had a problem with people hacking in. Sega has cited this as a reason for pulling support, effectively blaming the gaming community for their lack of doing anything to fix a known problem.

What you should have done was report the issue. Then email it to different gaming related news sites, but NOT ACTUALLY USE THE HACK UNLESS PROOF WAS DEMANDED.

Sorry for the unhappy tone, but believe it or not I like the franchise. I have lots of memories tangled up in me and three other idiots running around killing things for fun and virtual profit. I get aggravated at seeing each and every successive release from the franchise get screwed over and screwed up by hackers, lamers, and people that just don't understand that what they're doing is going to ruin the fun for everyone else.

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