Puzzlequest 2: Second Look

This is pure off the cuff posting. I make no declarations of quality. Just a few observations-of Puzzlequest now that I've had it for a couple weeks.

The Computer cheats.
It does this a lot. It could be purely a perception thing but it seems the odds are wieghted in it's favor of combos dropping.

Additionally the hint cursor works for the computer. It will point out moves that, if you look at how the blocks would fall, would give the computer an advantage such as a four square match, or a chain combo. Doesn't always happen since it will point out quad matches no matter what, but consider any advice the game gives suspect.

The Computer cheats because it is Stupid.
I guess to make up for the fact the computer cheats they made the computer stupid. Granted I beat it on normal, so maybe on extreme it becomes a no-mercy beatdown. It's nothing I can really pin down unless you've sat and played. The computer will miss moves that will give it a combo that would give it a four block drop, or it only gets one stack of blocks when getting a second stack will cause the first to match, then get a third. Little things like that point to the idea that cheating is to make up for the fact the game's AI is weak.

Sitting through AI chain combos suck.
The problem with weighting block choices in favor of the computer is you will have to sit through chain after chain sometimes for a couple minutes, and then it gets another move because one of those combos let it move again, and you have to wait again. It gets boring waiting.

I wish there were more character customization options.
Seriously, at the very least you could pick from a few options per class on the first puzzlequest. This time around you have a default look for whatever gender and that's it. Equipment choices don't matter in the slightest. What you see is what you get.

The Artwork is Pretty.
I may have low standards or it could just be preferrence. I think the game's still images and character designs look really nice, which is a shame that it's all a series of still images. Characters don't even get multipul images to denote emotional shift. Cutscenes are just words on a background, but the background is kinda pretty to look at.

It left me wanting More.
This speaks for itself. I want to see more of the world. Where the first puzzlequest had us roaving city to city this was a pure dungeon crawl in a lone outpoast that was built apparently right on top of the pits of Hell. Once the game's done that's it. No more quests open up. Best you can do is play through with another class, which I'm doing now and having fun with the Paladin's skill/spell options.

Honestly I don't see why this was a full blown game. I see it more as something that would have been appropriate for the DSi or 3DS store as a download. Still, it does give you upgradeable equipment and some character customization in how you go about murdering things. It just had a few things that keep it from being something I'll sit and play over and over and over outside of a quickie game, or possibly local multiplayer.
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