Tonami: Stuff I want to See

Alright then guys #toonami's been on the brain ever since I made the post to blog. I know I talked about it before, but that was mostly retrospective of what's come before this point.

I want to go into things I would like to see on Toonami if we're allowed to keep it. Preferrably this would be on a weekly timeslot or something rather than just on Saturdays. However since that is unlikely this is merely wishful thinking.

Edit: Added a couple things off a friend suggestion and reordered the list to be in alphabetic order. Also added a youtube links for Super Robot Tiesen stuff.

I'm not a fan, but apparently there's a huge audience. Give 'em something they wanna watch.

Megas XLR:
Lets see. Extrafat gaming nut that's also a gearhead manages to rebuild a mecha from the future he bought at a junkyard and because he modded he's the only one that can pilot it against an alien invasion from the future. This guy often causes more destruction than the problem of the week if he isn't outright responsible for the problem of the week in the first place. I love it for it's absurdity. Apparently 4chan loves it (which is jawdropping.) Good balance of action and comedy.

Only part of it was shown way back in the day. I want All of it to be shown this time. Beginning to end.

Because it was a well done series. I've heard rumors it's going to get (sorry for the pun) rebooted, but since I've only heard whispers and rumor we'll have ot make do with the 'old' series, which has finally seen a dvd release (yay.) Good stuff once you get past the first season. Plus this helps break up the feel that everything's japanese only.

Super Robot Tiesen Inspectors:
It's a giant robot show that has action, drama, humor, and I haven't heard it suggested yet. So I'm suggesting it now. Included a video link to one of the more iconic fights from the series (it's not subtitled unfortunately.)
Warning: Contains blood if you're squeamish, and is in Japanese.

Tenshi Moyo OVA:
Since the April Fools run showed the first of the new OVA we could get some mileage out of the first two OVAs so people just getting going will get clued in on what's going on.

Not all that familiar with comedy anime, but we need some of that to help lighten the mood. No not Ranma. That'll never get ported over. Never. Plus Tenchi covers the harem thing quite nicely.

Would love to see more involved between show segments like Intrudor, Lockdown, etc. Sure that'll cost money that isn't budgeted right now but maybe something for later.

And I'm not discounting FLFC. I just haven't seen it so don't know if it's any good. Just going through 'off the top of my head' stuff I personally would like to see and would be appealing to the current audience and isn't already on hub (Batman, Transformers, etc.)

Thing of it is None of this will happen if Toonami gets canceled. So just tune in. Even if you don't like the current lineup tune in when Toonami's up so it won't get canned. I don't want to see this end up being purely a summertime event.

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