Us Americans will have to Wait til 2013 for PSO2

It looks like America is going to have to wait for Phantasy Star.

Let's look at things objectively for a moment before I go off on why I am in a state of non-amusement. Localization takes time, especially if there's spoken dialogue involved. The Phantasy Star Franchise isn't exactly in good shape in North America so it makes sense to concentrate initial efforts on an audience that will play ball. Plus opening things up globally right off the bat means the servers are going to get beaten to hell and back.

With that said I am Not Amused.

If one were to look at the announcement itself one would see all sorts of empty corporate buzz. Then again I know much of this is me being a cynic about the whole situation and seeing Sega disappoint yet again.

We're having to wait. Minimum. Six months. It's more likely going to be closer to nine if we keep this to a strict first quarter 2013 launch, and I honestly put this more at mid 2013 due to setbacks and delays.

This is one of those moves that makes me feel like they just don't care about the non-japanese audience and, from where I'm sitting, is going to be seen as one of the reasons why people are going to be hesitant in coming in to support.

I want to give these guys a chance since it's apparently not sonic team. They're making the game free. It's just moves like this that aren't helping dispel the bad taste the last several broken promises has left.

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