Vote: 2012

It's Election Season again. I figured with Summer over and the campaigns getting nasty I might want to, before the early voting starts, ask people interested in voting to look at a few things. Like where your senators stood on the whole SOPA/Internet Censorship thing. I know the economy's in the toilet and i could lecture about this side or that having a more plausible solution, except fundamentally I feel both major parties in America are selfish entities that care about the common voter only as much as it takes to get and or keep power, nothing more.

I pick the whole internet censorship thing as something to ask people to double check on because for me it's one of the few things I feel strongly about. Yes the Economy sucks. Yes the budget crisis last year was Bad, but that's the typical game of chicken hoping the other side is going to blink first. The Internet is one of those things where it was pretty clear they were takingtime out of their busy scheduals that could have gone to fixing things to try discussing how to clamp down on something their corporate paymasters told them to.

I really suck at articulating my feelings coherently. I just wanted to say something on the matter.
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