Email from Jack Daniel's Distillery


Thanks for taking the time to write us. We're always glad to hear from our friends and we appreciate your taking the time to drop us a line about our legal department.

We've always thought that it was important to treat everyone courteously. After all, that's just what good neighbors do. We're glad to hear that you approve and we hope that you'll stay in touch. We are always glad to hear from you.

Thank you again for writing and have a great week. We hope you'll visit us sometime soon for a closer look at how we craft our whiskey.

Best regards,
Beverly & Your Friends at Jack Daniel's
Your friends at Jack Daniel's remind you to drink responsibly.

What I'd sent to them to get ths message was me congraulating them for being polite in dealing with somebody who had copied their brand logo a little too closely. Instead of suing like most companies would, Jack Daniels offered to help the guy with a replacement design.

Go Civility!
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