Feature Test: Emailing posts

So my laptop's dead. Big deal right? There,s an app for everything and
people blog from their phones constantly. Thing of it is I've
intetionally stayed way from smart phones. I'm gadget obsessed enough
to know that giving me an idroidberry is going to lead to it never
leaving my hands. Plus they're expensive and I stay broke.

So I'm using the browser that came with my DSi to get into my email
and send this post in. Actually this is the second attempt at doing
this, and my first attempt failed because I tried to send to @blogspot
instead of @blogger. Kinda fail both don't work since I think one
address redirects to the other if you google it. Whatever though.

So no formatting, no links, no images, and I'm limited to I want to
say 300ish words. About as long as my post about Juno Mail. Still. I
have Ideas on how to keep the posts rolling.

Here's to hoping.

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