ShortStack: Gundam Unicorn

Continuing where my last post left off:

Granted in-continuity only about twenty-ish years pass before we
finally move on to a new group of rampant monsters, but in the
timespan zeon is The Villain they suffer insane leaders aplenty, an
insane ideology that was more or less crafted by th crazy leaders from
the first series and never think 'gee.. we started a war, killed
millions or possibly billions, and have the rest of humanity not
liking us. Maybe we should re-think our ideology a bit.'

So when I heard friends yammering on about a new series that took
place in this timeline I ignored it pretty much for Years. Didn't want
part of it since it's more of the same.

Then I saw it. Mooks that didn't die by the hundreds when a main
character stepped on screen. A main character that, while idealistic,
is special only because of the suit (at first) and showing both Earth
Federation and the last dregs of Zeon as morally identical.

Is it perfict? No. It has the 'boy falls into suit only he can pilot
from that point forward' setup, but where most of the franchise tries
selling no right or wrong this side does a better job at delivering,
with most of the conflict being based around animosity over twenty
years of off and on fighting and the resulting scars that's left.

Has great music, Solid animation, and I actually CARE about the cast.
Oh and the english dub actually is quite good.

It's released in hour long episodes about one every year (quality
takes time) and we're on Episode 5. I never would have gotten past
'oh, more overwrought crap' if I hadn't finally looked at clips on

Now I want the whole thing.

Point in favor of try before you buy.
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