ShortStack: iRobot Movie

I like cheesey movies. Commando? Definately. SS Doom Trooper? Bring
it. The American Godzilla movie? I'm gonna get hatemail but I liked
'Zilla too.

But iRobot is pretty much 'in name only' so far as Asimov is concerned
right? It made Susan Calvan young and if not a bombshell went with
hollywood homely. VIKI's zeroeth law rebellion was the exact thing
Asimov hated!

Please everyone Chill. Yes it's bad, but there's plenty there to like.
The action bits are good. Spooner's getting brushed off is believable,
and fine Will Smith trashing a bike that's one of three hundred is
cringeworthy but it wasn't just about making an enterance. He waxed at
least three or four robots on screen with it and probably just as many
more off camera which let him get to Shae LaBouf in time.

OK fine it's still an insanely rare motercycle that got trashed
killing maybe at best a dozen canners out of thousands in the area.

Wait roll back. How was Will Smith (Spooner) getting put on leave
plausible? Lessee recently was on leave due to near fatal car crash,
surgery, and therapy along with an already (to everyone else)
unhealthy dose of fantastic raceism against robots shouting that 'teh
robotz r uprizings'. He's honestly lucky he didn't get outright fired
rather than put back on leave.

My favorite part though is because of this movie it got me and my
stepdad into some interesting discussions over robotics, ai, their
place in things if we can make these things happen. I call getting
convrosations with normally disinterested persons worth the fact it's
an action movie instead of something a bit more drawn out.

Plus Spooner does actual detective work.
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