ShortStack: Rise Gundam!

Who here does not know what Gundam is? To put in probably too-simple
terms Gundam a franchise that started out as a cartoon series about a
Boy, the Giant Robot his father built (but was not meant for him to
pilot,) and the War going on that said Boy and Robot would prove
influincial in.

At the time, at least going off personal memory, it was the first
Giant Robot cartoon where the machine in question was not inherently
special and instead showed a war where both sides fielded whole armies
of piloted machines. Of course you had 'monster of the week'
suits/machines, and the main cast got signifigantly better machines
than most everyone else, but it all held an internal consistency that
gave a 'why' beyond 'for the evulz/for great justice.'

This is the franchise that started the 'real' robot genre. Nevermind
the physics don't add up in the real world there's enough internal
logic to make the things work without too much headscratching as long
as the story stay's interesting.

See that's another thing about the Gundam franchise. Every 'era',
Every continuiity (perhaps with the exception of sd gundam but it's
intentionally cutesy) has had huge political overtones and the
politics of this faction v that faction (sometimes even amongst
supposed allies) drive the conflict.

The Universal Century, same continuity as the original Gundam has for
me been an aggrivating creature. I like the plots, there's usually at
least a few characters I like, and the fights tendto scratch an itch
I've had since I was five and watched transformers on saterday
mornings. Problem is looking at the whole continuity I've grown
unimpressed since it seemed Zeon has had the villain ball welded to
it's hands and made to run with it. Granted this is a faction that's
had strong nazi overtones (Sieg Zeon! *nazi salute*) and even
committed mas genocide in the name of their master rce of spacenoids,
but over time it just felt tired.

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