Atlas and OS Hopping

I have gotten a replacement to my bricked laptop. I'd actually had it since Monday, but I wanted to do a bit of tire kicking before posting here.

What've I been up to since then?

I installed Peppermint OS3. Then I installed Android 2.3 and 4.0. Even gave Windows 8 a spin.


Peppermint OS, while based on Ubuntu 12.04 seems pretty snappy. Actually it's based off lubuntu but yea. Biggest complaint was WINE wouldn't play a game I wanted. Not the OS's fault.

Android was installed using the android-x86 project. None of the versions I tried had working wifi. So while it's interesting since i couldn't get it to work Discard.

Windows 8. Dear Lord. It installed fine. Used an xp machine to get an SD-card imaged since that's what was recommended. Windows... actually ran pretty decently but I absolutely hate the metro interface.

At the moment I'm back with ChromeOS (dev just updated.) Thanks to John McDonnell of Cr48 Wikia for helping me get a replacement.
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