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For those that don't know. City of Heroes, NCSoft's comicbook themed MMO is going to be shut down on November 30th. There have been vigils, appeals to the executives to play, pretty sure there's been donation drives.

However given the development team has been laid off and the studio that's charged with maintaining content is a shell of it's former self outright keeping City of Heroes from shutting down seems quite unlikely.

On the other hand if the fanbase makes enough noise there might be a handing off of the IP to another company. Hopefully this would lead to the game grid re-opening under new management, but a worst case would be Marvel (owned by Disney) buying the property and simply sitting on it.

Because I have friends that play here, and I dislike corporate callousness with customers I tried getting in touch with Jason Scott (of, creator of Get Lamp and BBS Documentery) to see if he or in general had any advise. I got the following response.
OK, so first - we downloaded the forums. 218 gigabytes compressed! Crazy!
Then we downloaded the main website. 3.6gb. Not so big, but still, something.

Follow up email have cemented the fact that there will be future updates made to both archives closer to the shutdown date. This makes me happy since NCSoft cannot simply pull the plug on the history that these forums contain.

OK fine. It's a computer game why should any of you care? This is a property that's been in play for Eight Years. That's a long time for users to stick to something. I'ts gotten to the point where you've got a vibrant community of people that either know eachother, associate with, or have found other people who share common interests because of this game.

It's become something of a social network. Imagian if Facebook gave you a notice that 'oh hey on x day we're shutting down.' No user recourse, no explainations, no attempts at finding a backer to take the project off their hands.

Wait. Supposedly NCSoft is doing this 'to refocus priorities. On what, exactly, are they shifting their focus on?

..... I am not making this crap up. They are PROUD of this 

Yes there's rather fanservic-y female outfits in City of Heroes but... My God is that a rendered camel toe in addition to the girlchild there showing off her digital junk?

What the hell. Just. What the bloody hell?

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