Disney: The Empire & A New Hope

You've all heard the news, Disney has bought LucasFilm. In the entertainment industry, the Walt Disney Corporation has truly become the Empire from Star Wars; powerful, has a long reach, and is impeccably run.

Many Star Wars fans are concerned.

They Shouldn't be.

But I just compared them to the Empire, how is that an endorsement?

If I lived in the Star Wars universe I would much rather live under the Empire's reign than under than that of the Galactic Republic, by that I mean I would much rather live under Disney than George Lucas. The main reason is competence and ego. Lucas will always be revered for the original trilogy, as he should be, but will never be able to live down the travesty of the prequels, as he shouldn't. His rule started out brilliant but has become a joke in the past decade. It is time for a new regime.

Appreciate the irony presented before us. The acquisition is a parallel to the governments in the original and prequel trilogies. The Galactic Republic was a once proud collection planetary system fueled by a democratic ideal, that succumbed to one man's tyranny in his quest for power. Lucas sold out Star Wars for money and child friendly appeal. The credit he gained from the original trilogy made it impossible for him to be questioned. He used that absolute power to run his own creation into the ground because of his own hubris. Under Lucas, the Republic fell.

In the aftermath, the usurping power got the universe in order by virtue of their lack of connection to the creation of the previous system. The Empire kept the working elements of the old republic while disbanding the superfluous parts. Not nice, but that distance from the source keeps their focus clear. Disney has a vested interest in keeping the money machine running as efficiently as possible. The Emperor, Darth Mickey, knows the value of quality. More than any other company Disney understands that a good product reaps better rewards. Don't believe me? Look at Marvel and tell me I'm wrong.

Embrace Darth Mickey, for after years of ego and incompetence, the galaxy has been put into "good" hands that will restore some of the glory that was lost. Also I'm Lucifer's Lawyer; I've been on the dark side for a while.

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