This Year's NaNoWrimo: Strife, Quest for the Sigil

I haven't been posting here that much. Haven't had a lot to say. Thing is it's November and guess what? NaNoWriMo is on us again! Unfortunately original ideas are kindof not happening, so this year is a fanfic. Why? Well i could make all sorts of excuses but it gives me an excuse to play a little game called Strife.

Last commercial game that used the Doom Engine. The Source has been lost but the feature-set recreated in Zdoom (along with derivitives like Zandorum,) and SvStrife. It came out in 1996 and gave the engine branching paths, NPC's, storyboard stills that was part of the level (as opposed to Doom's between-level text scroll/images (IE doom 1's ending.)

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I have tasked myself with attempting to make a novelization of this game for this years NaNoWriMo. I'm not sure if it'll be any good, but maybe the project will hep get my head re-aligned.

There will be some differences from the retail version of the game;
I'm going off the demo version of the town/early interactions (You meet with Harris rather than Rowan, Have to break into the Governor's mansion as a loyalty mission, and at least in that version the town hall hasn't been bombed out  yet. That'll probably will happen in story.) 
Even though we don't Hear the Mercenary (player character) speak he does have text responses. So I'm going to try keeping him fairly quiet, but there's going to be me pointing out things as the story progresses (mainly just how.... killhappy Blackbird (mission control) is. 
Probably going to make the latter levels less mazelike since writing out backtracking over switchpuzzles sucks. Might take advantage of a shortcut you're offered depending on what path you choose, even though that path leads to the bad ending (in game you could do that and get the good end if you glitch abused, which i plan on lampshading somehow.)
The Guards will have more lines, mostly in reaction to things going on.

Anyway I have no idea how far I'll get and if people don't like it sorry. Just using this as a 'get my brain kicking back off again because I haven't written in months' project.

Anyone else play the game? Anyone at all?
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