Parkour Scene in District B13: Moar Music Choices

What, never heard of District B13? Ah well that's because you're either not french, or overlooked this rather... lackluster movie. Can't blame you really I didn't know about it till Youtube showed a bit of it to me while I was looking up Assassin's Creed material. I actually haven't seen the whole thing. Actually only saw just a clip tha'ts apparently either early in or right at the very start of the movie, not sure which. Either way I decided 'why not mute the audio to this and play something else instead since i don't understand a word of it anyhow?' Well it's more 'turn it down very low so I can sorta hear the sound effects' but you get the point I hope.

Here's the Video:

Two bits of music I've found work real well for this. Mind you start times are approximate due to how fast it takes to switch tabs.

Dark Knight Rises - Why do we Fall (extended): Start at roughly 0:18

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Scheduled for Deletion (extended): Start at roughly 0:12

Anyone have any other bits of music that'd work?

Bonus points to anyone that can take the video. Mix in music they want, then add in sound effects, and post to youtube.
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