Found on Reddit: Social Box

Sadly only a mockup at this point.
I like this mockup I saw on Reddit that tries distancing from pirate/counter-culture and instead tries emphasizing the social aspects of it. Make it a bit easier for the general public to swallow. Really dig the simi-retro looking font for the logo.

But why need the re-branding at all? Most non-technical/geeky users wouldn't be interested in making one right?

Well the point isn't for those making it's for those using. Use is supposed to be easy connect to network page loads and you go. Easy enough that you don't have to worry about how it works as an end user so long as it does work.

To compare and Contrast here's the current Piratebox (with Shoutbox chat) thanks to DavidDarts uploading to Youtube.

I don't know how many people out there like black background with light text vs light background with dark text but I approve of this visually. Also the little buttons for things like News, RSS, and all interest me. How would you get this if the box has no internet? Well you could have a second wifi antenna or ethernet connection or whatever that connects the box to the net and have it grab feeds from pre-selected sites of interest. Then again part of the point of having it work offline is nobody can tell what you're doing. No way of finding the box short of being in the physical area with a wifi sniffer.

The Games tab could have things like a few flash games, lan server for something. Mostly it depends on how powerful a machine you load piratebox up on. After all your average router isn't going to be hosting that many people. Even a raspberry pi might be limited in what it can do (having it play host to a minecraft server would be interesting.) Could even go back to the old days of text based MUSH's and MUDs if you wanted real oldschool since those have been around since the eighties in one form or another processing power is generally less of an issue than finding a bunch of people willing to play what are effectively either text based MMO's, or computerized DnD.

So what goood is it?

Well there's the obvious 'i want to share a bunch of stuff that I don't want anyone to find on the web. Then again given syria, Egypt, growing discontent in America, whatever. Could always be handy to have something like this on hand with information you feel that would be useful for anyone at a gathering to be able to access even if the web's offline.

Just something, given the recent six strikes business going into effect I found worth sharing.
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